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More complex cooking and food stuff


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I would love if game added a bit more depth to cooking , we have items like roasted meat , jam , cheese , bread , but there is no way to combine them

-New item plate (lets you combine some meals or create full course meals)

Ability to add sides to meals(like adding bread on side of stew , as its pretty common to eat stew and chomp on bread , similary with soup)

Ability to make sandwiches (adding raw veggies , jam , honey , meat , could count similary like pot cooking does that some items cant be combined) (and ofc ability to make sliced ham sandwich with cheese)

Ability to make bigger roast meats in oven (similary like ham , lamb legs and other bigger meats are cooked) , ability to slice it , combine it with veggies/beread to make full course meals

Frying (could introduce new plant like canola who is very commonly used to grind/extract oil , can use lard/fat too ,wallnuts or  sunflower too)

Cakes , cupcakes , muffins

Drying (dried mushrooms , dried meat ) (would take time , or/and drying rack would require "day worth of fuel"

Ability to add bushmeat to cooking(but provides additional nutrition from cooking it)

Possibly also that each meat is unique , rabbits were known to be very lean meat to not provide much calories , with deer being somewhere in middle , and pork/lamb "having more fat"

there is more but did not want to make list too long and listed just big essentials

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