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QoL Content: Handbook categories, handbook bookmarks and/or pinned ingredients, to-do lists, save and load custom game settings....

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Hello, everyone! I'm brand new to Vintage Story, so I hope these suggestions are reasonable! I checked the "Frequently Suggested" thread and none of these were there, I don't think. If I missed anything, I apologize in advance. Also, the Discord link isn't working for me for some reason?? ☹️

Anyway, as a VS noob coming from games like No Man's Sky, Minecraft, Rimworld, etc., I had a LOT of basic QoL suggestions that I think would make the game much easier to get into! :)

1. Breaking the "blocks and items" section of the handbook down into categories such as tools, food, armor, weapon, etc. I found this handbook very difficult to look through due to the sheer amount of items and no way to bookmark stuff for later. See my next point. 

2. A handbook bookmark section or an in-game to-do list. I have really bad ADHD, so objectives in games like this are really hard for me to keep track of. For years, I've wished to have an in-game to-do list for other games (mainly Minecraft) that tracks, say, how many sticks you've collected for your custom goal (8/10 sticks). No Man's Sky has similar objective trackers such has "Build a refiner and start smelting! You need ferrite dust to smelt into pure ferrite. 27/50 ferrite dust." I think Vintage Story could benefit from something like this, too. 

3. The ability to save and import your game settings. I get really tired of having to go through each setting one by one because I play a mix of exploration and classic. 

These are my top suggestions so far! 
Oh, erm... I do have one more selfish suggestion <.<

4. I would love to see tamable cats added to the game if they're not already, just because of the catmint plant!

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Things like "Multi-generational animal domestication" and "Improved animal behaviors" are on the roadmap, so cat taming might be a thing later on... as least as far as one can actually tame a cat (speaking as a former cat owner).

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