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Has anyone else tried a Stream Deck?


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Or any of the equivalent USB input devices?

Mine has been sitting unused for the last year or so and when I saw it towards the back of my desk, realized that could be the answer to running out of hotkeys. And it works extraordinarily well. Of course, you have to either move either your mouse hand or your kb hand to use it. I've found using mouse hand is probably better -- easier to find "home keys" when bouncing back and forth, and allows me to, for example, add waypoints or send pre-defined chat messages while moving by pressing only one button.

I even found a way to connect it onto a Win7 box (Elgato Stream Deck is Win10+ ONLY) 

I had been using a gaming mouse, but don't have one on every box I play on, so was kind of a pain -- sometimes having to push a particular mouse button, sometimes using the console command.

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