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Dynamic snow


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My suggestion is to make the snow more dynamic.

Currently, when winter comes, the game automatically puts snow on the ground, do you think this is normal? I'm walking and out of nowhere snow appears.
The solution I propose is simple: snow only appears when it's snowing.
When the blizzard starts, the layers of snow will gradually appear, and the stronger the blizzard, the more snow will accumulate, this simple mechanic would make winter more dynamic and alive.

I find that always having snow on the ground is repetitive, it's like I'm playing in a scenario.

I understand that it may not be a priority right now, but I don't think there would be a right time to add something so specific.
In addition, this mechanic is present in Minecraft Bedrock

Note: A new "snow" item would be nice, with the possibility of making snowballs and throwing them 


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