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Trading certificates

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Trading gets more important on multiplayer servers. I don't know of any mod, that provides an immersive way of face-to-face trading, so I will just suggest one. Since my modding skills won't match the needs of this one, please tell me if you know how to do stuff like this or if it sounds feasible to you and you're on it.

Trading face to face at the time requires trust, since there is no save way of doing it, even on PvE servers. The other guy could snitch you a few bucks any moment, when gears are just thrown on the ground. Let me introduce the trading certificate:

A simple sheat of pergament, enscribed with a command and signed by someone trustworthy. The enscribed command should then execute on right klicking another player with the pergament.
A trading window opens up on both player's screens. It is quite important that the "trustworthy" is none of those, so that a fair trade requires at least three users to work. This gets important later.
In that window, there are to find a speciffic amount of inventory slots on each side of a vertical line, one button left, one signal right, one big ACCEPT button underneath. The trading players put their stuff on the left, the stuff of the other guy is shown on the right. When finished, they press the left button, when the other finishes, the right signal lights green. Once you have confirmed, the trade can only be canceled by walking too far away or by closing the trading window. Everyone gets their stuff back in that case.
If both hit accept, the trade is finished and the certficate turns into a bill, containing the information of who traded what in trade of what, at which coordinates, at what time and in who's name (the "trustworthy"). The bill can be copied and handed to the other guy. It can also be inserted into a bill-book together with all the other bills, as long as signed by the same "trustworthy".

I imagine the slot count of the trade to be adjustible while creating the certificate. There should be a server permission for creating these, as well as the possibility of granting or retreating a permission via a certificate, in case someone wants to raise taxes. So the "trustworthy", in that case a taxcollector, could eventually trade fresh certificates for bills and their taxiation. Then the taxcollector could in turn use certificates signed by the local leader, to hold track of the trades with the certificates and the collected taxes.


The command could look something like this:

/certificate trade 6 1 tax 10
Gives you a certificate, where the trader can offer up to 6 different items to recieve up to 1 item in return. It is a taxed trade, so the bill will calculate a value of 10% the worth of gears involved in this trade, assuming average gears worth of the buyer's 1 slot.

/certificate certify trade 12 12 tax 20
Gives you a certificate, where the holder can give permission to the reciever, for signing trade certificates with up to 12 seller slots, up to 12 buyer slots and up to 20% taxes.

/certificate billbook sign
Gives you a certificate, where the holder can give permission to the reciever, for signing a bill book.

/certificate retreat all
Gives you a certificate for removing someone's certificate permissions, by rightklicking that player with it.

/certificate certify certify all
Gives you a certificate for... you get the idea, I guess.

I hope someone really loves the idea, because it would take me a while to figure out everything on my own. This is just a quick idea, I haven't put much thought in that right now, but this sounded good in my head so it wanted out.

So please give feedback. I first want to know, is everything required even possible with the current API? And what do you think? Will this feature be prefered over good old trust trading?

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Uhmmm... Imho, trading possible without certificates and third person. (I'm really can't understand, why man in the middle needed here. For exchange security? There is a ways how to make secure deals without third person involved. To make deal safe? Player 1 (or his friends) can kill Player 2 after signing bill. And still have label "trustworthy".

Also, issuing certificates via command are not player friendly.)

Something like:

- interact with player (rmb with rusty gear, as example),

- trade window opened, for both, with your main inventory, two trading inventories (bying and selling) and two buttons (confirm and cancel).

- You put items, you want to barter, into selling inventory, and can view other player's offer into bying inventory. You can't take anything from bying inventory.

- If you agree, you press "confirm". Then both, selling and buying inventory are locked for both players, until deal confirmed by both sides, or canceled by any side.

- If deal doubleconfirmed, then each side receive their bought goods. If deal cancelled, then each side receive only their offer.

Not sure, can be such interaction tracked in player-to-player version, but, if not, block interaction (when both player need to interact with trading block) can be used instead.

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