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Started Playing About a Week Ago, and I'm Loving It


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So as the title says, I was looking for something else to play that really captures the magic of playing a new game. Like its hard to describe, but new games now a days really don't have that magic quality or "soul" in it. Probably the last game to really enthrall me was Stardew Valley. Just this nice game that makes me want to keep playing. Like it doesn't always have to be survival crafting kind of games, but something with a great progression system. Like Terraria and Deep Rock Galactic are two that I can think of that made me keep coming back to it.

So when I saw Vintage Story keep popping up in my recommendations in YouTube. My first thought was, as I think with most new people, wow that looks like a cool Minecraft mod pack. Then I did a little bit of digging into the game and learned it wasn't a Minecraft mod pack. I then decided to buy it because I liked what I saw, and how difficult it can be, but also rewarding at the same time. Anyways I haven't gotten to far but I finally got a nice stack of food stored up. Pic to show it off :)


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