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Peat Brick Walls


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They are a common building material for sod houses. Particularly in the viking age. There are circumstances even in colonial America of peat brick houses being used. I see no reason why this shouldn't already be in the game, it has an irl use and peat bogs are already ingame alongside bricks. Irl peat bricks are an extremely effective insulation material, ingame I would assume it would rank in between wood/stone for cellar insulation. 

On top of this, I think adding in bog iron is a good idea. The vikings commonly used peat bogs not only for fuel but also for iron, infact bog iron was one of the primary forms of iron derived from their surroundings. I don't think adding bog iron to every peat bog is necessarily a good idea but I think going about it in a way similar to copper bits, whereby there is a surface "bog iron bits" as an indicator. How iron is obtained atm via mining, is a fairly technologically advanced method that humans who, after just emerging from the bronze age, would not have engaged in.

I think this is a balanced way of allowing players more freedom in obtaining iron while also pushing for players to explore their surroundings.

Bog Iron https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bog_iron

Peat House.png

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