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How to Copy World Settings to New World


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First, just let me say that I take no credit for this. I stumbled on the information in a reply to a comment in a YouTube video. I've seen people, including streamers, asking for this information while reading about Vintage Story, but I figure most people won't see a reply buried in another comment on a video fewer than 1,000 people have watched yet. I will cite the source at the bottom of this post.

It is possible to copy the customized settings for a world you have already created, then apply them to a new world you go to create. You still have the option to change those settings before finalizing the new world.

I have tested this in Vintage Story 1.18.8 and it worked successfully.

  1. Create a world with the presets you want, then save it with a name like "Master Save"
  2. On the Load/Create World menu click 'Modify World' on the right side of the "Master Save" file
  3. Click on the button that says "Copies the playstyle to your clipboard" (Two papers/Bottom right)
  4. Back out to the Load/Create World menu and press the button to create a new world
  5. Click the customize world button
  6. Press Ctrl+V (only this) and it will copy your customized preset from your Master Save to your new game

The YouTube video is: Vintage Story Preparing To Start A New World E1 Customization Choices.

This solution was posted by @johnnytambourine2974 in response to a comment made by @sckip97490 about saving a personal generation preset.

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