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Mod Favorite Lists kind of like "Add to List" with a Favorites List tab with personally named categories chosen by the selector.


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Much like how you would go to shopping sites and "Add to List" and then select the list you wish to add your 'favorite' to. This would allow people to create their own Favorite Categories for certain types of gameplay. Example: If one is hosting their server and wants only a specific set of mods to be categories within a list so that it is easier to determine which mods they are using on their server. Another example: Labeling a favorites category for strict immersive play as a Listed Favorite to a Favorites Category one has defined as immersive gameplay. Last example: Ability to label mods that has been selectively chosen to fill a Favorites List named 'Hardcore'.

When one wants to display a list, they can load the list from their Favorites List tab and it will show only those select mods within that list. Then the player can visit that list and individually check for updates/controls on those specific mods contained within the chosen Favorites List, etcetera.

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