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Wild bees won't swarm


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Trying to figure out beekeeping for the first time. Found a wild hive that says there are 31 flowers nearby it, with a Large population. I put down a skep close by and waited, but it's not giving any indication or saying "will swarm in X" days. What am I doing wrong?

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It usually takes a day or two to register, for some reason, then will give the message about less than a day. I've seen it take into June, when I spent the entire time close enough to be loaded. I kind of wonder if maybe the nighttime temperature dropped below the minimum or something that stalled it out.

Just spend the time making charcoal pits. You are going to need it. 


Two years is crazy. Is that straight vanilla or do you have some potential mod interference? Have you been staying close enough so the block doesn't get unloaded?

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, I'm not convinced the Wiki is still correct. The distance flowers can be from the hive is different, but I think the number reported by Block Info is what is used in calculating production time. However I think the skep must now be much closer. Someone reported 3, someone else reported success at a distance of 4, but keep it as close as you reasonably can.


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