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🌟 Welcome to Dashworld: Where Your Story Comes to Life! 🌟

Attention, adventurers! Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of epic tales, where your creativity knows no bounds? Dashworld invites you to join a vibrant community where roleplay, collaboration, and camaraderie reign supreme. Say farewell to the ordinary and embrace a thrilling adventure in our exclusive Vintage Story RP server!

Why Dashworld?

👥 Community-Driven Roleplay: Dive into a rich tapestry of storytelling, where your character's journey unfolds amidst a backdrop of collaborative narratives. Engage with fellow players in character-driven plots, political intrigue, and heart-pounding adventures. Dashworld is your stage, and the spotlight is on YOU!

🤝 Forge Lasting Alliances: Build relationships, create factions, and lead your group to glory. Whether you're a cunning diplomat, a master craftsman, or a fearless warrior, Dashworld provides the perfect canvas for your character to thrive. Form alliances, strategize, and leave your mark on the server's evolving storyline.

🌍 New Player Friendly: No matter your level of RP experience, Dashworld welcomes newcomers with open arms. Our seasoned players and friendly community are here to guide you, ensuring your transition into the world of roleplay is smooth and enjoyable. Your unique story is what makes our community flourish!

🚪 Whitelist Protection: Enjoy a safe and inclusive environment with our whitelist system. Say goodbye to disruptions and embrace a server where respect and creativity are cherished. Feel secure as you weave your character's tale, unencumbered by unwanted interference.

🎉 Regular Events and Quests: Participate in thrilling events and quests designed to challenge your wits, courage, and teamwork. Uncover mysteries, vanquish foes, and earn coveted rewards that will aid your character's progression and enhance your roleplay experience.

🌟 Join Us Today!

Your adventure begins now! Dashworld is not just a server; it's a vibrant community where your imagination takes flight. To embark on your RP journey, visit our Discord and follow our simple registration process. Embrace the power of collective storytelling and shape the fate of Dashworld with your unique narrative.

🌍 Dashworld - Where Your Story Finds Its Home! 🌍

- PvP (with consenting groups/players)
- Continental Map
- No Temporal Storms
- 30 in game day seasons
- Bastions
- 65% food spoil speed
- Guns & RustyShell
- Radios!

Logo Dashworld.png

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Cool stuff. Good to see new take on Civ like theme. Good luck. Love the ancient roman style town, most of the time I see just regular medieval themed builds.

I would recommend switching from Bastions to Bulwark. Its a successor to Bastion and will be regularly updated and has revised mechanics to suit VS better. 

link to the mod here: https://mods.vintagestory.at/bulwark

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5 hours ago, Viceroy said:

Cool stuff. Good to see new take on Civ like theme. Good luck. Love the ancient roman style town, most of the time I see just regular medieval themed builds.

I would recommend switching from Bastions to Bulwark. Its a successor to Bastion and will be regularly updated and has revised mechanics to suit VS better. 

link to the mod here: https://mods.vintagestory.at/bulwark

Ah! I was looking into that and it did seem much better. Thank you for the recommendation, we will make the switch:)

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We have updated our War Rules!

Peaceful Group Immunity: Certain zones, including starting areas, trade hubs, and settlements, are designated as peaceful zones. Within these areas, PvP combat is strictly prohibited to ensure a safe environment for all players, allowing them to focus on crafting, building, and trading without the threat of violence.

Conflict Declaration: Groups intending to engage in PvP conflicts must publicly declare their intentions in a designated channel. This declaration should include the target group, reasons for conflict, and proposed date and time. Declarations provide defending groups with an opportunity to respond and prepare for the battle, ensuring fair play and sportsmanship.

Designated Forts and Battle Zones: Only designated forts, approved by server moderators for their aesthetic and functional qualities, may be attacked during PvP conflicts. These forts must serve both as visually appealing structures and strategically defendable positions. Battlefields/zones must be predetermined and agreed upon by both conflicting parties to ensure fair and controlled combat.

Raiding Protocol: For raiding cultures, specific guidelines apply. Raiding groups must adhere to cultural norms and traditions, respecting the server's rules and the role-played context of the conflict. Raiding parties must declare their targets in advance, outlining their cultural reasons for the raid and the expected conduct during the raid. Raiding should involve elements of strategy, storytelling, and meaningful interaction, enriching the overall server narrative while respecting the rules and boundaries set by the community.

Mercenary Guilds: Mercenary guilds are available for players within non-peaceful groups seeking combat opportunities. These guilds act as neutral entities, allowing individuals to participate in conflicts on behalf of other non-peaceful factions without involving their main faction. Mercenaries can negotiate terms and payment directly with hiring factions. Peaceful groups cannot hire mercenaries to maintain their neutral status.

Neutral Grounds: Designated neutral grounds, such as trading posts or taverns, are safe spaces for players from different factions to interact peacefully. No PvP actions are allowed within these areas, promoting socialization, trade, and collaboration without the fear of combat.

Consequences for Aggression: Unprovoked attacks or violations of the conflict declaration protocol will result in consequences. Penalties may include reputation loss, economic sanctions, or temporary bans from PvP activities, discouraging aggressive behavior and promoting respectful interactions between groups.

Admin Oversight: Experienced and active server admins and moderators are available to oversee conflicts, enforce rules, and mediate disputes. Players can report violations or seek assistance from these dedicated individuals, ensuring a smooth gaming experience and resolving issues promptly.

Community Feedback: The server values input from the community. Players are encouraged to provide feedback on the PvP rules and suggest improvements. Community feedback is instrumental in shaping the server's policies, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone's voice is heard and respected.

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**Welcome to Dashworld - Where Adventure Meets Legacy!**

**About Dashworld:**
Dashworld is a vibrant revival of a classic Minecraft server, now set in the enchanting world of Vintage Story. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled RP experience where player interactions and a rich shared lore take center stage.

**Server Features:**
- **IP:** *play.dashworld.xyz*
- **Version:** Vintage Story **1.18.15**
- **Whitelist:** Join our exclusive community by applying to the whitelist. Only approved players can embark on this epic journey.
- **RP Focus:** Engage in deep, meaningful roleplay interactions with fellow players, shaping the world's story as you go.
- **Community:** Join a friendly and creative community of players who share your passion for immersive storytelling and exploration.
- **Events:** Participate in regular events, quests, and challenges designed to test your skills and expand the server's lore.

**Mod List**
``aculinaryartillery, signs, bedrespawner, chiseltools, fieldsofgold, HangingOilLamps, hideandfabric, hideplayerpins, instruments, millwright, MoveLikeKaji, playerlist, primitivesurvival, spyglass, thebasics, wildcraft, worldgenfix, abcsreborn, alchemy, animalcages, beehivekiln, betterfirepit, bulwark, butchering, canmarket, carryon, civbastion, coinage, cooperativecombat, dressful, expandedfoods, fromgoldencombs, grassiergrass, grouplockfix, hudclock, medievalexpansion, morepiles, naturalspawns, claywheel, rustyshell, stonebakeoven, useplanksinpitkiln, wildfarmingrevival, woodenfortifications, workbenchexpansion, xlib, xmelee, bullseye, maltiezcrossbows, maltiezfirearms, playercorpse, stonequarry, vsradiomod, xskills, fsmbullseye``

**How to Join:**
1. **Apply to the Whitelist:** Visit the discord to submit your whitelist application. Our team will review it, and upon approval, you'll receive access to Dashworld.
2. **Get Vintage Story:** Ensure you have the latest version of Vintage Story installed.
3. **Connect:** Launch Vintage Story, input the server IP, and start your epic journey in Dashworld.

**Join Us Today and Shape the Legacy!**


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