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Double Daylength Update (v1.10.5)


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Version 1.10.5, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

This update should now actually double the day and night time length and has some other minor, yet valuable fixes in it.
This does affect how long it takes for a day and night to pass by, as well as how many real life minutes it takes for food to spoil and how long it takes for crops to grow.
Do let me know how the double daytime length feels like and if its worth keeping!

Screenshot by extranji

Game updates

  • Tweak: Actually doubled day and night time length now
  • Tweak: Can now also seal crocks with beeswax
  • Tweak: Added command /time calendarspeedmul to only modify the calendar time speed
  • Tweak: Added .clientconfig extraGammaLevel 1.3 so players can get old style gamma correction back. Fixed .recordingMode command as well
  • Tweak: Drifters should walk away from the players earlier during dawn
  • API Tweak: Padlock also checks for BlockBehaviorLockable that are inherited (for Novocain)
  • Fixed: Worldedit movetool applied the move amount twice
  • Fixed: Worldedit import tool rotate did not work and caused an exception when a trough was being rotated
  • Fixed: Worldedit import tool rotate did not rotate entities
  • Fixed: Translocators only connecting to other exit points in south or east directions
  • Fixed: Exception thrown by /land info
  • Fixed: Occasional server side exception related to leaf decay
  • Fixed: Typos in the land claim info texts
  • Fixed: /land claim start and /land claim end displaying absolute coordinates
  • Fixed: /land claim s[n/e/s/w/u/d] missing to shrink a selection
  • Fixed: Can no longer save empty claims

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