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HowTo - Linux Server Usage


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VS-Server Service

Copy your server.sh script with sudo or root to "/etc/init.d/<name>"
Now you can user the script from everywhere e.g. "service <name> start"

The server.sh commands

  • start: Starts a new screen (use "screen -ls" to get the name)
  • stop: Save the map warn the player and stops the server
  • status: Tells you the if the VS-Server is running or not
  • command "/<command> <parameter>": Execute a command with highest ranks
  • backup: Saves all data in you VS folder except the backup folder in the backup folder (with VS-Version, time and date)
  • update:
    1. Compares your version with the current version
    2. If the current version is higher warns users and stop the VS-Server
    3. Makes a backup
    4. Downloads the new version, extrakts and overrides old files
    5. Sets username and path in the new "server.sh" and sets executable rights
    6. Starts the VS-Server
  • reinstall: Does a fresh installation of VS (a force update)

Tips and Tricks

Server setting are in "./VintagestoryData/serverconfig.json". There you can set settings like Port, Password, map size, Welcome Message and group settings

Tweak performance when you have a strong server in "./VintagestoryData/servermagicnumbers.json":

  • ChunkColumnsToGeneratePerThreadTick: 10-21
  • ChunksColumnsToRequestPerTick: 4-7
  • SpawnChunksWidth: 0 (When you set up buildprotection)
  • ChunksToSendPerTick: 20-42

Good to know

  • servermagicnumbers.json
    • SpawnChunksWidth: How much chunks should be load/generated before server accept users
    • ChunkThreadTickTime: 10(ms) = 1 Tick, that mean you have 100 generation-Ticks/second
    • ChunksToSendPerTick: 20(ms) = 1 Tick, that mean you have 40 send-Ticks/second
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