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Stable Housekeeping (v1.10.10)


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Version 1.10.10, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

Hokay, unless there's still something seriously broke, v1.10.10 will be the last release of the v1.10 branch and I'll instead put all my focus on the next feature release, v1.11. This release fixes some rare crashes and minor bugs as well as make the ModMaker work again.

There has also been decent progress on v1.11 and I hope to release a first preview version in a few weeks.

Screenshot and Build by Soloquendi

Game updates

  • Tweak: Stone tool balancing
    • Stone axes are 10-20% slower, but therefore have 20 more durability (from 30 to 50)
    • +10 extra durability for stone knifes
    • +5 extra durability for stone shovels
  • Tweak: Soil/Gravel/Sand Blocks no longer show their fertility value in the itemstack tooltip as it is of no use to the player. Tillable soil will show the fertility value that it will have when tilled though
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare client crash
  • Fixed: Inconsistent naming of polished rock
  • Fixed: Cooked bread and meat spoiling faster than intended
  • Fixed: Mudbrick slab crafting recipe not working
  • Fixed: Might fix a strange client crash related to placing sign posts
  • Fixed: Might fix a rare client crash related to the ambient sounds system
  • Fixed: Some crafting recipes not listed in the handbook (e.g. the page on rot did not list that it can be used to make compost)
  • Fixed: Traders that haven't been visited for a long time would only run their restock procedure once instead of multiple times.
  • Fixed: Very low chance of fixing an issue related to mouse cursor lag on Arch linux (switched some floats to doubles maybe that caused a cumulative rounding error)
  • Fixed: Multiplayer server listing not getting saved properly
  • API Tweak: ModMaker3000™ fixes. Removed ability to extract anything but json files (because buggy). That also means it only has to download the server archive (15 mb instead of 280mb) for comparison. Fixes also an issue that it doesn't find previously downloaded assets. Fixed some crashes related to missing files.

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