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Bugged textures - help?...


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I'm fresh new to Vintage Story and I've been testing various new mods and servers. I've been playing with friends on a modded server without any issues.
But for one of the servers I tried, I had to install a parallel v_1.18.15 version of the game. I think that was about the moment when I started having weird issues with the game.

Namely: some textures in some mods (various mods of various authors) get wrong on some objects. My friends have the same mods and experienced none of those issues...
Primitive survival (ore textures on fish)



Medieval Expansion (messed up textures)


Better Chests (textures bug out when open)

Bricklayers (textures bug out when open)

These are just few examples, but there are more.
I've already did a clean install twice (uninstalled through Windows uninstaller) of the game, and removed whatever was left of the game folders (Vintagestory and VintagestoryData).
Confirmed mod folders (both server and local to contain the same mod files).
Tested the mods one by one on single player - they work fine when alone.
Pulled out a few hairs and grew a few false ones..

Does anyone has an idea what might be causing it? Does the game keeps data somewhere outside the Vintagestory and VintagestoryData folders maybe?


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1 hour ago, Psyborg said:

Does the game keeps data somewhere outside the Vintagestory and VintagestoryData folders maybe?

Unless you told it to, no. There was a pretty big update graphically speaking between 1.18 and 1.19. At a guess, I'd say you are using new textures in the old version.

Did you follow the procedure shown here?

Guide: Multiple Parallel Installations of Vintage Story


You do have your 1.19 mods in a different directory than your 1.18 mods, right? And your game files in different directories? Because there is a cache folder in .\Vintagestory that might have to be cleared if you are trying to share the same directory.


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Thx for the reply.
With the 1.18.15 I just installed the game again to a separate folder.

But I don't have the 1.18.15 anymore. I've done clean reinstall twice alread - only 1.19.3.



Ok, I think I've got it fixed. My config file for 1.19.3 had not enough texture atlas space. To fix it I just had to increase it in the clientsettings.json
    "maxTextureAtlasWidth": 8192,
    "maxTextureAtlasHeight": 8192,

Default was:

    "maxTextureAtlasWidth": 4096,
    "maxTextureAtlasHeight": 2048,

Smaller increase might be enough, depending on the mods I guess.


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