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resonance archive issue on public multiplayer server


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lets say we have a scenario of
someone takes the glider bp and never makes a copy of it and share it araund
and logs off for a good there is no way to get the bp

because the loot inside never respawns

my sugestion is to rested the dungeon after some time (in game year or something like this) can be a part of multyplayer settings

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11 hours ago, Streetwind said:

An admin can already reset the dungeon manually upon request, by forcing a world regen of the area around it.

The admin could even move the structure elsewhere, so people would have to find it again.

in this case in up to admin to keep resetting it manually every single time it has been beaten
what if admin is not online for very long time the issue will remain any way

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i just got a second thought there is potential scenario of soft locking the resonance archive
also with applays to singe player probably
there are 2 key items with player needs to teak to inventory and in cae player dies and  items will despawn it can soft lock the resonance archive

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