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Support Beams removal — known issue?


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I wonder why no one tackled this topic here before (I tried searching for quite a while, but found only a dead reddit topic), but let it be me then.

Why support beams are so hard to remove? Sometimes it's completely impossible to target a placed beam.

I know the tricks that kinda "facilitate" the process (axe or empty hands, try to avoid looking at another block through a beam, etc.), but sometimes it is impossible still.

I don't say support beams should work flawlessly, they are still a relatively new feature.
But shouldn't the problem be at least mentioned somewhere?.. Especially with the Cave In system in place?

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I've had this constantly - if I twitch on the mouse and misplace a beam its often completely impossible to get the "end to remove" to target. I'm extra f'in careful placing them, but if the mistake is in the second end, it's fully placed wrong and if you can't target the initial end it's boned.

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