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Armor Rework

Omega Haxors

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Max Reduction: Replaces tier, the maximum amount of damage that can be blocked, equal to damage output of a falx of equal tier
Block Chance: Chance armor will actually block a hit, non-100% values mostly for shields or armor that lacks full coverage (such as some helmets)
Negate Chance: Armor will completely protect you (up to its max) if this roll succeeds, makes a special sound effect when this happens
Damage Reduction: A percentage of how much damage will be reduced (up to its max)

Durability - For every 1 point of health reduced, remove 1 point of durability
Weight -  Determines hunger and movement penalty
Stiffness - Determines ranged weapon and movement penalty

Remove healing debuff outright, the overtuned-as-shit poultices is not armor's problem and never should have been added in the first place.

Wood: Negate chance is 100% but max reduction is low
Leather: Very low negate chance but great damage reduction
Gambeson: Very high armor stats but fairly high stiffness
Lamellar: Balanced all-around stats, though lackluster
Brigandine: Heavy with a higher chance of damage negation
Chain: Very good stats, but only 50% block chance against stabbing attacks
Scale: Somewhat heavy but with good all-around stats and no major weakness
Plate: Very heavy and stiff with extremely high stats, but crush attacks cannot be negated

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