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Just a huge thanks to wonderful people!


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Yeah, as I've been playing VS here again. I'm super thankful and appreciative of all of the mod developers who keep their mods up to date and working. I'm running with 1.19.4 and have been playing with some amazing mods that enhance the experience. I'm still getting the hang of things, but I'm definitely enjoying myself, even though I keep dying. But at least I'm living longer!

Of course, I appreciate the devs and whatnot for keeping all of this going. The website, the game, etc. Some people might criticize, but I think appreciation and thanks go a lot further. I'm glad to see VS is alive and well and I can't wait to dive back in each time. Keep on developing!

And yes, I also appreciate all of you who frequent these forums. You are the backbone of VS. I hope to be useful and helpful like some of you.

Now back to playing!

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