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few mouse interaction QoL


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Hi folks,
I am playing VS for some 100 hours as of now and I would have few QoL suggestions:

[ Basic facts ]
It should be noted that I play in Linux and remapped few key controls:
Sprint: Shift
Sneak: Ctrl
Lock Mouse Cursor: `
Having immersive mouse mode ON

[ Suggestion ]
Lets add few quality of life actions:

1. right mouse button doubleclick to be equivalent to "Place item"
- no crouching is needed
- this feature works only if there is surface selected (wireframe visible), therefore undesired interference with aiming should be avoided

2. item in hands easy placing without moving it to a slot
- having container/inventory opened, clicking an item will grab the item and is locked in cursor area. Like this:

Now, to place the item, only way (i know) is to:  >> add it to a slot >> Crouch+RMB
It would be nice to just:
   a) Crouch+RMB to place it where I look
   b) combine this with suggestion in 1. and allow to direct placement with RBM doubleclick

3. move selected hotbar to a first free slot in backpack (ie. with `B` )
- there may be modifier key (Alt, or similar), which would place the item to last free slot in backpack

[ Conclusion ]
I don't know other players' habits or how they manage their inventory, but for me it's a lot of clicking, dragging, etc.
All suggestions above would help me a lot to relieve some of most repeated actions of mine.

Thank you!

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How about a new interface added in to the game's source?

A radial menu system that lets players add extra features and control to their gameplay?


Assigning shortcuts can be handy when you want to do certain things or swap to certain items with less hassle on a hotbar, if say you want to 'craft' some flint tools without needing to equip the flint and place it using the active hotbar?

You aim at the ground and open the quick command with holding a certain key, and one of the option can be 'craft flint tool' and it checks if you have flint in your inventory, of which it will place down.

This also means you can customize ways to interact with objects when you look at them, holding down the interaction key and getting multiple choices what to do with it?

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2 minutes ago, Dra6o0n said:

How about a new interface added in to the game's source?

A radial menu system that lets players add extra features and control to their gameplay?

Well, that's nice, but also totally different suggestion ;)

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8 minutes ago, Astib said:

Well, that's nice, but also totally different suggestion ;)

Well, you are basically asking for tweaks in the interaction of players with the gameworld, simply improving the interactions in general with more options can expand things as modders can add on top of it with new layers of controls.

EDIT: Also adding that, there is only so much 'QoL' that the devs can keep adding until it gets messy, like Ctrl+RMB, Shift+RMB, you get the idea.

You keep adding more and more button combinations and it makes controls more complicated for new players.


So a radial system would keep it simple, but allow more variety of ways to interact with the world.

Imagine instead of a complex button combo to 'crouch and prone' if said mechanic exists, to having a radial shortcut to switch to said modes by simply holding one key and using the mouse to rotate to it?

A radial system also makes it more controller friendly, as you can assign way more functions for gamepads and such.

Accessibility is key, to making a game interesting to a wider variety of players.


Adding that you can also make this idea work with inventory management, if items themselves can be arranged using a priority system for it's category (like make these types of items higher up on the list in your backpack, make materials and stuff at the bottom). It would be as simple as "Increase priority" or "Decrease priority" radial commands when you shortcut over the item.

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I am not against radial menu at all. It's just totally different  suggestion, with much higher complexity and work need to be done.
On top of that, radial menu will not sort my problem at all.

Open your own suggestion, and precise your idea there. I swear I will "like" it if well defined, no problem.
Just don't hijack this thread with totally different approach, please.

Yes, adding more tweaks can get messy, that's why you have "Controls" settings. I have keyboard and mouse buttons to be used.
I see zero issue with assigning any of key I have available.
I agree some shortcuts my be left unset/unassigned, I can give you that.

Not sure if  (1) "direct placement" with RMB double-click is complex. The same applies to (2), which literally saves mouse fiddling using existing controls.
Neither find I "move from hotbar to inventory" anyhow complex. It's just saving some time spent on moving the mouse.

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So basically like a Accessibility tab in the menus that lets you toggle checkbox to tweak how each input functions? Like a 'single click' or a 'double click' mode?

(Or probably use 'radio' checkboxes so you can toggle between 2 to 3 possible 'outputs' for each control functionality)

In regards to the RMB interface with most users, the game is coded in a way that LMB and RMB alone is considered action1 and action2 in the code.

So when you have crouch+RMB it becomes a 'action3' in the source code (think of it as a variable). So when you rebind, basically the different key becomes that 'action#'.

If you want functions like double clicks to work, then they would need to integrate a short delay to 'read' said input under a condition, and it would require a checkbox to be turned on to use it, to avoid having the function conflict with anything else maybe. This means a single right click would have a brief delay before the game registers it as an action, or it would need to invalidate the single click, so only double click or holding RMB works as a input.

Actually if a hold button to access an action works out, you could basically turn that into a multi-action prompt by holding RMB and using a mousewheel to select which action to use, then left go of RMB, alongside a double click, as the default RMB with said item will not activate to avoid a misclick.

But looking at it from a broad perspective, it would complicate things with radial and double click together, so yeah a accessibility tab or menu that players can access to tweak controls is best. Like 'hold' interact button to 'take' things directly from a container, or things like 'quick stacking' or 'quick deposit/withdraw' functionality.

I do wonder if this is technically all moddable since it's interfaces.

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