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Custom sculpting using clay


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The artist in me loves this idea! For bigger sculptures, you could have to mold each piece individually, fire it, and then glue them together with pitch glue. At the very least, it'd be nice to have some terra cotta tiles that you could use for easy flooring/wall coverings, if you wanted to spruce up your buildings without spending a lot of time and material chiseling.

Alternatively--glazes. Keep the basic pottery we already have, but add a way to mix glazes in a barrel. Then dip already fired pottery in the glaze and fire again to get pottery that's a different color. That could be a way to get some of the fancy pottery without needing to rely solely on trader RNG, with the tradeoff of requiring more resources and time. For some really interesting pottery--fire in a pit packed full of pine cones or something similar to get a raku look(texturing could be similar to bismuth). Or have a paint system where dyes can be used to color designs on certain materials, like pottery or wood. Then we could not only have prettier pots, but could decorate other stuff as well.

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