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Enhancing Exploration with New Water Bodies Would Be Incredible

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I'm new to the forum, though I've been playing for about two years now and have wanted to make some suggestions for a while. I absolutely love Vintage Story, especially for its survival aspect.

I'm a fan of exploration games; I really enjoy walking around and coming across unique views. I often take a long time in each game to find the perfect spot for my shelter because I need it to have unique views. And the suggestion (or suggestions) I'm about to make revolves around this. Although, knowing that an exploration update is coming, this might soon become obsolete (hopefully!).

Anyway, sometimes I need Vintage Story to give me a reason to explore or not explore a place, beyond its resources. One of the best mods that helps me with this is Rivers, creating rivers with their tunnels, speeds, and different sizes, which greatly enhances the beauty of the worlds. It would be incredible to see this in an upcoming update. But something I feel is missing is rivers at different elevations. Let me explain: it would be incredible to climb a mountain and find a river that forms several waterfalls until it reaches sea level.

This would suddenly enable new natural wonders, imagine an area filled with mountains and waterfalls dropping into the same river, something like Niagara Falls.

Or coming across a spring.

Something that would be great would be different colors of lagoons, as happens in real life: some turquoise, others more violet, others gray, brown, etc. And each one being harder to find. It would be great to walk through the jungle and suddenly find a pink lake, for example, something that could be extremely rare (as in real life) and very rewarding to see.

I believe that beautifying the exploration experience without the need to "go for resources" would be excellent.

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