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Hunger Rate & Food Spoilage Rate Chart


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Hello everyone, today I'd like to show you a google doc spreadsheet I made that details a little experiment I decided to do. In this experiment I wanted to see what the different rates were for Hunger and Food Spoilage. (I used real time, not in-game time, to measure the Hunger Rate.)

(This experiment is not perfect by any means, and there may be things off or wrong. This experiment was just a personal thing I felt like doing over the span of a day, so don't to be too distraught if some of the data seems odd or miscalculated.)

Here is the chart in question:



The way that I conducted this experiment was I created creative worlds with the different Food Spoilage rates. I then took the food items out of the creative menu, put them on my hotbar, and then looked at how long they lasted for. For the Porridge, I cooked it, put it in a crockpot, and then stored that on a shelf inside of an enclose cobblestone building with a single front door. As for the Hunger Rate, I simply made survival worlds with the different rates and then ran around until my hunger hit 0.

The Control Group

The control group for Food Spoilage is a 100% Rate. I decided to test only a handful of food items simply because there are so many food items that if I did every single one I would probably have grown a beard by the time I finished. I should also note that I do have the Culinary Artillery and Expanded Foods mods enabled. You may also notice that the Spelt Porridge recipes say "3-5 days approx.", This is because of the Perish Rate. The Perish Rate can fluctuate, so a crockpot of porridge could last 3 days or it could last 5 days.


Food Spoilage Rate

I'm not sure if it is a bug on my part or if it just how the game is but I noticed something about the meat. The Bushmeat and the Redmeat both have the same exact spoilage time for the 100%, 75%, and 50% rates. The Redmeat and Bushmeat both last 2 days for all 3 of those rates. I'm not sure if this a bug on my end, like I said, or if this is intended. The same also goes for the cooked version of the meats. Redmeat and Bushmeat (cooked) are also all 5 days long for those 3 rates.

In terms of the Porridge meals, you may notice that 75% says "4-7 days approx.", where as 50% says "9 days approx.", and 25% says "19 days". This discrepancy came about because of the Perish Rate. When I finished cooking the Porridge I would contain it in a Crockpot and store it on a shelf and wait until it cooled down. Once the spoilage time popped up I would record that down on the chart. However, I noticed that at 50% the perish rate was about 0.60, which made the Porridge last something like 13 or 15 days, but when I put the Crockpot on my hotbar and scrolled to it to hold it, the spoilage time said "9 days".

I am aware that Climate has an effect on the Perish Time. This is the reason why I decided to write down the spoilage time when holding the crockpot in my hands instead of the spoilage time when the crockpot is on a shelf.


Hunger Rate

(Just for reference, 'Active' means doing things like running around and jumping, where as 'Inactive' means just standing still and not moving.)


The Hunger Rate was quite easy for me to do. I simply created Survival Worlds set at the different rates and then ran around until my Hunger reached 0. I would hop into the world, quickly make my character and then open the character panel ('c' key). As soon as I saw the Satiety go down I would start a stopwatch and then run around until my Hunger hit 0. Now, I am only Human after all, so there were times where maybe I started a little late or stopped a little late. For this reason, the times are more approximations than concrete objective measurements. You can give or take some time.

Something I did notice unilaterally was that it took approximately 10 seconds for the Satiety to start dropping. Given that there is 1500 max satiety I decided to divide 1500 by 10. This gave me 150 which equates to about 2.5 hours. Now I am gonna be honest, this math could just be dead wrong and not even remotely close to the actual time that it would take to get to 0 hunger by just standing still (aka Inactive). I'm not ashamed to admit that I am terrible and math.

I'm sure someone will correct me on this math because I know that it's more than likely wrong.


In Conclusion

This was just a fun little quick experiment that I decided to do yesterday. I know that my data may not be 100% pinpoint accurate and hell, my math is probably just downright wrong when it comes to the 'Inactive' Hunger Rate chart. However, I had a lot of fun doing this quick experiment. For me personally, I think that playing with 50% Food Spoilage Rate and 75% Hunger Rate is perfect. I hope you guys enjoy my subjective experiment I conducted here.

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