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Maximized Borderless shows Win-10 bar at bottom?

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I want a "normal"  desktop sized borderless window but somehow I can't get it.

Am I doing something wrong or is it normal for this game to always show the Win-10 taskbar in "maximized borderless" mode?

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Does it look like this? Maximized Borderless only removes the white border from the box the game runs in if you have it windowed. If you run a two monitor setup and want to click off the game screen for a moment without the game minimizing, but don't want to see the Windows taskbar either, try Fullscreen + Always On Top. That should keep the game running fullscreen on one monitor without minimizing if you click on the other screen for a moment, without the taskbar getting in the way of the game screen.

Now if you do that and the Windows taskbar still insists on including itself in the game screen, I would check your settings on Windows taskbar to make sure there's not something there causing an issue.

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