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true/harsh winters setting does nothing???


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i've tried on multiple worlds, both from start up and changing with commands and crops are still getting cold damaged. I'm really really confused why it's not working??? am i just misunderstanding what it does?
i know i can just move south, but i am setting up a server for new players who i know will HATE the winter and complain endlessly, and honestly i'm not the biggest fan myself since the greenhouse was extremely underwhelming and disappointing for how much work i put in. alternatively, does anyone know any mods that do the same or buff the greenhouse?? thank you!!

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I've not ever messed with this mod, so I don't know how it works, but it may help with tweaking wintertime to taste. I'm not aware of any greenhouse mods though.

Another option might be this mod: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/247

It doesn't buff greenhouses, exactly, but it does at least have a farming skill that improve your harvests and whatnot.

The only other suggestion I have currently is if winter is going to be that big of a hurdle for most of your players, you might want to consider a Warm start. The growing season will be almost year-round in that case, and the lowest temperatures should still be just above freezing. Where it gets a little different compared to a Temperate start, is that berry bushes don't really produce during the summer but will in the cooler months.

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