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Help, how do I conduct trades?

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Hello all, new player in the past few days, finding my feet, crafting, only occasionally eaten by bears - so far!


I've hit a snag though.  I can't seem to get Traders to trade with me.


I have some charcoal, it's listed in my traders 'you can sell' list, I can put it in the slot, but no buy/sell button.


If I select an item from the trader to make an exchange instead, I do get the buy/sell button, but when I press it the window closes, the trade does not happen (I keep my item0 and the Trader gives me angry tooting noises.  The '0 gears' indicator also flashes at this point.


I'm clearly missing something, but I can't figure it out - I've checked the forum, wiki, reddit, google.  My fu is week.


Please help a noob out!


- BeardGoblin

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Posted (edited)

Ah, ok!


So when it shows 'you can sell charcoal - value 1 gear, demand 4' the number on the stack (12 in this case) is how many counts as 'one unit' of demand?


I'll go try it, I have enough!


EDIT:  Yep, that did it!  Cheers @Thorfinn

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