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Helve Hammer Stopped Working

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My helve hammer has randomly stopped smithing. I have a tin bronze anvil and helve hammer, but it won't smith even copper items anymore. Can someone tell me from the screenshot if I messed up something in my setup? It was working previously and I haven't changed anything.20240608215905_1.thumb.jpg.5546aab18ccc0ab7f760dba180e07b8c.jpg

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5 minutes ago, Strahl said:

Does the wind need to be a specific threshold? I thought less wind just meant it smithed slower.

I think it does, yeah, depending on your setup. It'd be the first thing I'd suspect if it worked previously and then just stopped. Some of the machinery requires more power in order to operate and the bit I've messed with helve hammers, they seem to be one of the ones that require more power than something like the pulverizer.

And less wind does mean that the machines run slower, but there also has to be enough wind to make it run to begin with. The wind threshold needed depends on what you're trying to power.

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11 minutes ago, Strahl said:

Are there certain Items helve hammers can't forge?

Currently, helve hammers can forge either plates or ingots, but not the more complex items(such as sawblades). They're meant to help mitigate the more tedious things to forge rather than automate the process entirely. 😀

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