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Monkeys and Item Sorting


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This idea might be a little half baked but I wanna throw it out there anyway. Now I figure they'll probably be added to the tropical regions at some future point to help liven them up(and possible species like Japanese macaques for the more temperate zones), and assuming they are added I think they could provide some interesting utility for players who care to bother locating and taming them.

By default I don't expect monkeys to do much other than be kinda goofy, provide a source of food, and potentially annoy players by stealing their items. Stolen items could be retrieved by either killing/injuring the thieving monkey, or by trading some sort of food item for the stolen item. Some species might even be actively hostile to players that get too close, or at least be similar to boars in that they're neutral unless attacked or have young nearby. As a food source I'd expect monkeys to be rather difficult to catch given their affinity for climbing trees. I could also see them being a potential pest for fruit crops, but I'm not sure that's the best idea without a practical way to keep them out of your crops. A wall could work, of course, but doesn't seem the most logical thing to use against something that is very good at climbing.

In any case, the potential that most interests me is item sorting via living entities. Other games have had similar systems, whether it be a core part of vanilla gameplay(Minecraft's allay) or a mod(Thaumcraft's golems). First you'd need to tame a monkey; I figure you'd do this by acquiring a breeding pair(feed them fruit or vegetables) and raising at least one generation of offspring. Then it's probably a matter of using something like a command stick/whistle to mark storage containers for them to access and a simple interface to tell them which items to be sorting into where. I'm not too sure on how those specifics would work on the coding side of things--that's just a rough idea to try to explain the concept. As for what difference the generation of monkey makes, higher generation monkeys could sort things faster/sort more things at a time/keep track of more containers, thus giving the player a reason to pursue the higher generations rather than stick to low generations.

In addition to sorting items, monkeys could also potentially help harvest certain crops, albeit getting a smaller percentage of harvest than if the player harvested it themselves(to account for the monkey eating part of the produce as they work). I'm not sure how many players would actually take advantage of a mechanic like that, but players who don't enjoy the farming aspect of the game that much might find it useful.

Last but not least, and an entirely useless feature aside from being funny--you could equip tame monkeys with certain clothing items so they can be just as fashionable as you! Perhaps not every article of clothing in the game, as that would be a lot to account for, but maybe just a few of the shirts and hats. Or have a handful of pet accessories you could fashion specifically for your furry little friend(whether it's a monkey or some other creature).


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