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Tripe and Blood (not gore, just food!), also Offal

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I suggest the addition of blood and tripe. These items could be obtained from some animals.
For example, you can get goat and wild boar tripe, and chicken and wild boar blood.

Tripe can be used to make sausages such as meat sausages, blood sausages and salami, but also to make special ropes to build various objects such as musical instruments and bows, among others.

The blood, depending on which animal it comes from, can be used in various recipes. For example, chicken blood can be allowed to clot (it will clot in 24 hours or less) and then chopped and cooked with onion, to make "blood and onion", also called "fried chicken blood", typical dish from Spain, France and the United Kingdom, and widely consumed during the Middle Ages.

Pig blood can be used, along with tripe and other ingredients, to make blood sausage. There are 4 (7) types of blood sausages:
- Meat blood sausages: made with blood, tripe and meat and/or fat.
- Onion blood sausages: made with blood, tripe and onion.
- Rice blood sausages: made with blood, tripe and rice.
- Mixed blood sausages (4 subtypes): they combine meat, onion and rice (at least two of these ingredients), in addition to blood and tripe.

To make the blood and onion dish, you need enough clotted chicken blood. However, to make blood sausages, little wild boar blood is used, so many blood sausages can be made from a single wild boar.

To extract tripe, simply use a knife. The item will appear in its inventory, like when you extract meat.
To draw blood, you must have an empty bucket in your left hand and use the knife. The animal body must be very recent, otherwise it will not produce blood.

Additionally, various offal can be added such as aurochs heart, chicken liver; wild boar, goat and aurochs viscera, etc. These items, depending on which organ it is, can be cooked directly, or used in sausages (offal sausages) and meat and vegetable stews, containing a large number of saturation points.

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