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Suggestion - Custom Install

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I'd like to see a full custom install (as in being able to install all files, config, mods, etc) to a separate drive. I know you can install the game itself custom, I'm talking about ALL files being in a custom folder. I prefer not to have anything on my C drive (its very small, less than 100GB) and prefer having on my D drive (i have 2 TB). 

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No problem.

Guide: Multiple Parallel Installations of Vintage Story


Here is the command line from this computer:

E:\games\Vintagestory\1.19.8\Vintagestory.exe --dataPath e:\games\Vintagestory\1.19.8 --addModPath E:\Downloads\vs119

I wish there were an --addMacroPath switch so I wouldn't have to copy my macros into each new install, but I don't think that's needed for what you are asking.


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