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Inventory Bags (v1.2.7)


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Spacious Vintarians
Version 1.2.7 is now available for download in the account manager,

3 Feature Release in one Week? Because we can! Very happy with having survival inventory working now, it was one of those features I never was sure on how to implement in the best way. The same goes for sapling growth, since the tree generation system is actually a seperate mod.


  • Basic Bag/Backpack Inventory
    • Added all remaining code to make survival inventory work as planned. The idea is that your default inventory only consists of the 10 slots in your hotbar and you can further expand that space with bags. Well, now we have the first bag! 
    • Can now craft Linen Sack from 8 Linen Cloth which expands your inventory by 4 slots for each sack.
    • Can now craft linen cloth from 4 flax twines.
  • Feature: Very Basic Sapling Growth: Planted saplings now will grow a tree after 5-8 ingame days.
  • Feature: Added new crop: Soybean
  • Feature: Added small, rare deposits of high fertility soil. These are very valuable for growing crops.
  • Feature: Berry bushes now also regrow based on the internal game calendar, which means they grow even if the chunks are not loaded
  • Feature: Tool breaking sound whenever a tool runs out of durability
  • Tweak: Shift+Left click on the crafting output slot now crafts as many items as it can
  • Tweak: Shift+Left click on a creative inventory slot now creates whole stacks
  • Tweak: All the crops generated during worldgen should now have a higher chance of being mature
  • Tweak: Worldgen should generate more mushrooms
  • Fixed: Random crash caused by farmland. (NullReference Exception)
  • Fixed: Crops never growing if they were planted on dry farmland that was later given access to water
  • Fixed: Crash when using the API to register custom block entities or blocks.
  • Fixed: Added missing API access to registering items, block behaviors and entities


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