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Game Challenge Update, Candidate 3 (v1.10-rc.3, rc.4)


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Dear Players
v1.11-rc.3 can now be downloaded through the account manager

[Edit:] Also released rc.4 to fix a major crash on multiplayer!


Game updates

  • Feature: Added /worldconfig to change world configurations of existing worlds
  • Tweak: Lime stones can now also be ground in the quern
  • Tweak: Armor balance tweaks
    • Reduced Brigandine protection values by 2%
    • Crafting Brigandine costs now 3 times as much leather
    • Crafting chain armor now costs 6 chain or 12 ingots less
    • Increased durability for chain armor by another 100 uses
  • Tweak: The +25% hunger drain when holding an item in the offhand is now shown in the character stats
  • Tweak: Might fix stuttering issues for most players (Technical info: Yet again removed Thread.Sleep() from the main render loop when VSync is on. Can however enable it again by setting Vsync mode to "On+Sleep")
  • Fixed: Bunch of weird animation blending issues, which amongst others, caused dead animals to not properly use their dead pose. This may cause new issues with animations. Please report them to Tyron if you find any.
  • Fixed: Some issues with the frame profiler not reporting some infos that its supposed to
  • Fixed: Hyena hurt sound way too silent
  • rc.4 fixes:
    • Fixed: Info HUD not showing/updating when looking at creatures
    • Fixed: Game crashing on multiplayer in some cases
    • Fixed: Baby hare disappearing upon death
    • Fixed: Hitboxes of baby hares, hyena pups and wolf pups too large. Baby hare hitbox was off-center
  • API Tweak: Upped max animatable elements from 31 to 35

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