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[1.11.0] HayBlocks


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I decided to get into modding and, since there was a request for hay slabs and stairs, thought this would be a nice thing to start with.
I think there are hay slabs and stairs somewhere in The Neolithic Mod, but I guess having them separately as well won't hurt :)

I added 1.11.0 as a dependency since I haven't played the game before 1.11.0 and thus can't guarantee this to work with older versions.

"Description": "This mod adds hay slabs and hay stairs, using the existing hay texture.",

New recipes:

image.png.d373b71ec5a5cd0a6a861508550eb491.pngGives 1 hay slab image.png.79aa88a60772745747e6c0a9c6bd09fa.pngGives 4 hay slabs image.png.302789b0cb6e83bf3fd3305726f9a430.pngGives 3 hay slabs

image.png.a9d57f6c639d14cac6f28921d672fc9f.pngGives 4 hay stairs

image.png.adb2ec5b60ad8e8d3f71a9afe1cf63e7.pngGives 1 hay block



Enjoy :)




On 9/27/2019 at 6:18 PM, Pitarik said:

Anyway, i've already asked two or three times for this add, and i don't want to be annoying anymore. if it doesn't make sense or it's a bad idea for developers or other players then i won't press further. BUT, if it happens, i will make a musical track to the game team as a gift! 🎶



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