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  1. Limited growing seasons would make sense, but the volume of harvest, and to some extent the decay time, will need to be adjusted to balance them. Unreal World and the oft-compared TerraFirmaCraft had season systems. In many climates, there's a planting season, growing season, harvest season, and idle season. If you do everything at more or less the right time, and the weather cooperates, then you can harvest and store enough food to last you through until the next harvest season, but you won't have fresh foods of all kinds all year long. I think that would be a positive change. Each climate (each biome in the game) would have its own seasonal rhythm. It might make sense to plant fruit trees in a warmer biome, cabbages in a cooler biome, and them migrate from camp to camp to plant and harvest. I'd also like to see NPC villages or farms where we can buy/trade for food if starving, or sell food if we have a surplus. The current traders have truly bizarre buy and sell requests.
  2. I like this. With the current setup, requiring a saw to make planks and planks to make a fence, I use ladders (2 high) to keep rabbits out of my garden. A wicker fence would be historically accurate and consistent with the game world's theme.
  3. I like these ideas. Perhaps certain recipes could give a bigger satisfaction or HP bonus than random nontasty meals.
  4. Hussar

    Smart Moving

    Currently, VS has an option for dirt and gravel to collapse, which I like.
  5. Currently I don't find the traders very relevant. They sell things that don't add anything, at inflated prices, and typically only want to buy things I don't have or wouldn't want to trade, even if I did. I'd like to see traders buy more common items, even at low prices, and to sell more things that might be useful, like tools or scarcer resources.
  6. I played Unreal World for a while, too, and found it extremely realistic and immersive, even though the graphics are primitive. I really like all of these ideas, though I imagine they would require major new coding to the game.
  7. This is a brilliant, intuitive mechanic. Just one of the many reasons I love this game!
  8. Perhaps it's only resting . . . that's right, it's pining for the fjords! Thanks for ORASCOPE, Melchior, and I look forward to your future contributions.
  9. +100. I'd even settle for pack llamas. They could have internal storage like a chest to carry things. They could also pull a minecart. Donkeys/mules were used in mines before the Industrial Revolution.
  10. Fantastic, thanks!
  11. I understand everybody's busy in real life. I will greatly appreciate when this is updated. I much prefer this to the vanilla propick.
  12. Try going into "account settings" at the top right of this web page, then click change to the right of "display name".
  13. Welcome, Bradley! I'm mostly new, and I'm really enjoying the game.
  14. On the reverse side: I was having trouble removing troublesome water blocks. I discovered, if you place a bucket, watering can, etc., on the water block, it disappears.
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