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  1. This is a brilliant, intuitive mechanic. Just one of the many reasons I love this game!
  2. Perhaps it's only resting . . . that's right, it's pining for the fjords! Thanks for ORASCOPE, Melchior, and I look forward to your future contributions.
  3. +100. I'd even settle for pack llamas. They could have internal storage like a chest to carry things. They could also pull a minecart. Donkeys/mules were used in mines before the Industrial Revolution.
  4. Fantastic, thanks!
  5. I understand everybody's busy in real life. I will greatly appreciate when this is updated. I much prefer this to the vanilla propick.
  6. Try going into "account settings" at the top right of this web page, then click change to the right of "display name".
  7. Welcome, Bradley! I'm mostly new, and I'm really enjoying the game.
  8. On the reverse side: I was having trouble removing troublesome water blocks. I discovered, if you place a bucket, watering can, etc., on the water block, it disappears.
  9. Hussar

    Farming question

    I found a way to keep Peter Rabbit out of my garden, though I don't have a saw and can't make a proper fence. I put ladders around my garden two blocks high. One level might have worked. I can still climb in and out (as well as monsters) but the hares can't get in!
  10. Hussar

    Farming question

    That makes sense--thanks for the quick reply!
  11. I'm a new user and love the game so far--it reminds me a lot of TerraFirmaCraft. About a day after I plant seed in farmland, the farmland "rejects" the seed. Often I can collect it and try again. I planted on medium fertility farmland, placed on a lakebed so it's 1 tile from water. I used a flint hoe, while the starter guide says metal tools are required for farming, but the hoe actually worked and made farmland. What might I be doing wrong?
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