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Rebalance and custom world sizes patch (v1.11.2)

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Dear Community
v1.11.2, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

Took 2 days off from working on v1.12 to supply you with a few important fixes and balancing changes. A bit daring to mark it stable immediately. Let's see how that goes :D

Amongst the tweaks and fixes I also added that you can set the world width and length in the customize world screen. Anyone up for a 128x128 mini-world challenge? ^_^


Game updates

  • Feature: Quern automation. If the querns output slot is full or taken, it will begin to spit out flour on its 4 sides. If any side is blocked, that side is skipped but also the grinding progress is reset. Place hoppers below to collect the flour for full automation.
  • Feature: Improved crock shelf interaction. Can now more intuitively select where to place a crock
  • Feature: Added world config for world width, length and a setting on whether you can fall off the edge
  • Tweak: Armor rebalance.
    • Debuffed plate armor protection a bit.
    • Smithing metal scales now yields 2 scale piles each instead of 1
    • Added leather jerkin armor that gives 40% protection which is now used as a base ingredient for brigandine and chain armor
    • Chain armor is now a base ingredient for scale and plate armor. Tweaked the grid recipes for those armors in the process.
  • Tweak: Porridge debuff: Spoils 33% faster and grain inside meals is 12% less nutritious
  • Tweak: Wind will blow more often now and is less local
  • Tweak: Added new sound for plate placing
  • Tweak: Bombs extinguish themselves if ignited close to claimed lands
  • Tweak: Sold out items at the trader are now visibly crossed out
  • Tweak: Applying a lock now plays a sound and the block info hud for chests now display that they are locked or reinforced
  • Tweak: Changing GUI scale now also scales the mouse cursors
  • Tweak: Piglets now more likely to grow into femals than males
  • Tweak: Reduced iron deposit size by about 14%
  • Tweak: Crafting sails is now twice as costly, but yields 4 times as many sails
  • Tweak: Flour dropped as item now dissolves in water
  • Tweak: Chisel takes half durability loss when using for microblock chiseling
  • Tweak: In passive creatures mode, creatures no longer get aggressive when they take fall damage
  • Tweak: Bunch of attempts to fix incorrect turn directions of mechanical power blocks. Maybe fixed now?
  • Fixed: Jitter on rotating mechanical power blocks, buttery smooth motion now ^_^
  • Fixed: Able to fall of world edge if x or z coord is <= 0
  • Fixed: Rare crash related to falling blocks
  • Fixed: Rare crash with the decal system (e.g. caused by teleporting often)
  • Fixed: Rare crash related to interacting with blocks (e.g. querns)
  • Fixed: Plate pile deleting plates if placed in bulk
  • Fixed: When selling something to a trader, in some cases, he would take away more items from the player than needed
  • Fixed: Various issues with the chunks at world edges not rendering correctly
  • Fixed: Itemstack info tooltip not updating when flipping between 2 similar items
  • Fixed: Wolves in passive mode were still aggressive
  • Fixed: Foam shader effect not set by presets
  • Fixed: GL Debug mode not setting up the gl debug callback handler
  • Fixed: Might fix the NullReferenceException originating from ChunkTesselatorManager.OnFinalizeFrame

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