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[1.11.1] Drifter Butchering


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Most of us know this situation. Another survived night and its waves of moaning intruders whose corpses a strewn across the base, doing nothing but looking ugly.
Sure, they dissolve into the ground after a while, but I think, and I'm sure you agree with me here, that that while is a while too much!
Something had to be done.

So I decided to spend the time and effort to research and master the art of butchering drifters so you don't have to!

 "Description": "This mod adds the possibility to butcher drifters and items you get out of that.",

Entity changes: Drifter corpses can now be butchered using a knife to obtain a couple new items.



New items:

driftertissue.png.b18a02c8a328b4681a6846f4b9d469c4.pngDrifter Tissue drifterfat.png.b4edfeb7705ab04c678de20bb1f98407.pngLump of Drifter Fat image.png.44edf8e8e6dcf304f9f3215e54fb0aca.pngSmall Lump of Drifter Fat

drifterheadnormal.png.24ee484a48699367acf727305676a51f.pngDrifter Head drifterskinnormal.png.6400d54c1cb7ead57e5ec6ee222a8a33.pngDrifter Skin

New tools: image.png.0f8b8ef2f42cd1d61b355beb1a0deae7.pngStone/Flint needle (knapping) image.png.3344d3cb3b53ae8e51bffe206969e8db.pngMetal needle (smithing)

New grid recipes:

image.png.459231ea7ef2fb88473d1666350f05e1.pngGives 1 image.png.44edf8e8e6dcf304f9f3215e54fb0aca.pngSmall lump of drifter fat image.png.631e723bb3160fd48767a09cd3f863d0.pngGives 1 drifterfat.png.b4edfeb7705ab04c678de20bb1f98407.pngLump of drifter fat image.png.7f93df78368d3ba7d52f904cbcbdc497.pngGives 1 Oil lamp

image.png.2175ee58d6673dfe1ea437aabc3714eb.pngimage.png.91d2fe9e5edd4595c5df3bf44390bdff.png Gives 1 image.png.7a0270879387f6f171141d5852ef2ba6.pngDrifter skin carpet (any skin, convertable to cover and back)

image.png.8daf64d1f50a33b2b24e2771597016e3.pngGives 1 image.png.dd6e9d77ba37142243ce692dc66506f6.pngDrifter Head Trophy (any head, any metal)

image.png.0c4739bd0dc74920501b1e516953a923.pngGives 1 image.png.58b265cf401361e6e77dcf7a6859e0ec.pngDrifter Head Wall Trophy (any head, any metal)




Enjoy slaughtering drifters with a whole new purpose and don't hesitate to let me know if something is wrong :)

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1 hour ago, Soloquendi said:

I was going to suggest skinning drifters.  Nice work.

I was assuming I wasn't the only one thinking about it, so I just did it :) It was also a nice way to get into more into modding VS.
I think I will add some more things to this mod (my brother suggested drifter head lanterns ;)).

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