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  1. You might check the discord for a quicker answer. There was a bug in 1.12.5 that was just fixed involving the start menu.
  2. There is a walk through on basic modding for the game in the wiki. It's very helpful.
  3. A block that will run the set command on clicking. This would be incredibly useful for adventure maps to give players items, set/remove effects, set spawn points, etc.
  4. Almost every farmer in the world has dealt with stone piles, in one fashion or another. Not an important feature, but would be nice in a cosmetic/immersive update.
  5. I'm giving away 2 game keys on the r/VintageStory sub on Reddit. Just reply to the post and you're in the drawing on December 23rd. https://www.reddit.com/r/VintageStory/comments/e9dtin/vintage_story_holiday_game_key_giveaway/ Even if you don't need a key, pass this on to your friends and/or just upvote the post. Thanks.
  6. Stuffed drifters you can put on a display stand would be cool.
  7. Games are all of the above. Thanks for the links.
  8. I was going to suggest skinning drifters. Nice work.
  9. Same here. 1.11 release version. Crash log attached. client-crash.txt
  10. Soloquendi

    Auto Run

    Continuously holding down keys can cause permanent damage to your hands. It's also very painful for some of us who have damaged hands or arthritis. If this could be added, I would be eternally grateful. :)
  11. Using a saw. That's it.
  12. Bug Report. Cast tool heads do not release from colored tool molds when cooled. Version 1.0.1 For VS 1.9.10 They do release from standard clay molds. Occurs in Creative and Survival.
  13. Epic might be worth looking at. They're going to have a big game giveaway this month, including Subnautica. https://www.techspot.com/news/77757-epic-games-store-goes-live-free-games-surprise.html Edit: If you haven't tried Subnautica, it's amazing. My personal game of the year for 2018.
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