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  1. Come here to post exactly same issue, I rarely kill any raccoons, but killed one yesterday and had same crash.
  2. Thank you very much! I love how well Immersion fits with core game theme, really nice combo.
  3. I’ve been (forced) to use Curseforge for years for MC mods and Nexus for all Elder Scrolls games and I really can’t understand, why people prefer Curse over Nexus. No idea of mod maker viewpoint, as I never uploaded anything, but from user viewpoint it was always a lot easier to keep track of your mods in Nexus. What has an update, version patchnotes etc. Of course, Curse offered it too, just you always had to click more to have same info. Curse might have have fake better look in first glance, but for useability, I really don’t like it, so seeing it as popular vote here really confuses me.
  4. About Immersion Chests, somehow their last storage space row doesn't function properly. Slots 29-32 can't let you to place any items there manually, but if chest is full up to slot 28, then shift clicking items from bags can enter items into slots 29-32. But then you have a next problem, you can't take anything out from those slots either. So now you have to drool over your item, what is just there, but so far away According wiki they should have 28 slots, but somehow they appear with one more row and there it gets a bit buggy. Edit: Lantern tops won't be consumed while making lanterns.
  5. Please delete, missed one step and was stupid, no nother bugs than user ones!
  6. Yep, perfect idea, but sadly completely breaks molds and knapping, recipes do not show up.
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