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Mod Idea: Spirits


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My inspiration come from Howl's moving castle and Stardew Valley. In Howl's moving castle he has a fire spirit that constantly needs to be fed or else it dies. When given enough fuel it is able to control things attached to the furnace. In Stardew Valley to help you out on the farm you can build Junimo huts. They then go out and help harvest.

Following those examples would be ability to attract spirits to help you with various aspects of Vintage Story. To find a spirit would require building the appropriate altar in the correct location and placing something appetizing to the spirit on the altar and wait. Eventually a spirit would show up and and eat the offering. At that point using various methods, you could transport the spirit back to your place and put it to work. Of course the spirits need to be feed and kept in comfortable environments. The longer the spirits stay alive, the more efficient they get.

A frost spirit requires an altar made of ice, placed in a snowy area, with offerings of cranberries. Can be transported in a ice box and will be comfortable in a cellar. While in the cellar it will keep it colder and snow will deposit on the ground. It can be fed with carrots and cranberries. When hungry the snow will start to melt. If the spirit is starved and warms up to 100 degrees, it will die.

A fire spirit requires an altar of basalt, placed next to lava, with offerings of dry grass. Can be transported with a lantern and will be comfortable in a fire pit. When fed any fuel the temperature of the spirit will increases and slowly go down over time. The max temperature of the food given does not determine how hot the spirit will get or how long it will stay at a particular temperature. The fire spirit is always hungry and if not fed will eventually dip down to 100 degrees. If starved and rained on or in contact with water, it will die.

A ghost spirit requires an altar of aged wood, placed near bony soil, with offerings of onions. Inhabits a dummy, turning it into a scarecrow or a pumpkin, turning it into a jack o lantern. When a scarecrow placed near crops it will keep hares away. When Jack o lanterns are placed, they will scare away drifters. The scarecrow and jack o lantern will both have their face change when they are hungry and will stop scaring things away. They will simply leave if starved for too long. ( Wolves for some reason don't get scared )

A wind spirit requires an altar of linen placed really high up on a mountain, with offerings of herb bundles. Can be transported in an empty linen sack and likes windmill rotors. It will keep the windmill spinning as long as it's not starved. Wind spirits eat currants. They will die if they are ever taken under a roof either in a linen bag or if a solid block is above the windmill rotor.

A tree spirit requires an altar of stone placed around a lot of trees, with an offering of a bucket of water. Will get in the bucket of water and then can be transported to any tree. That tree will generate fallen logs on the ground below it's branches when given fertilizer. It will also generate sticks on the ground over time. The spirit will die if the trunk of the tree is ever removed.



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