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  1. Will try this out. Thank you for reporting it.
  2. I'm not seeing a purchase on your account nor is your email associated with your forum account pulling up any game account. If purchased from humble you will need to go to your purchases section on itch.io and press the claim key, similar as shown in this screenshot: https://itch.io/post/2085144 When you log-in to your Humble account and navigate to your Library (https://www.humblebundle.com/home/library), you will see four sections: Library, Purchases, Keys, and Coupons. Find the claim key link there. If you've already registered and have forgotten your game login you can reset it in your account settings or with this link. https://account.vintagestory.at/requestresetpwd If neither of these options are helping you resolve your issue, we have found those with bitdefender are having issues with our website. If that is the case, please either add an exception or disable bitdefender.
  3. Confirmed. You are good to go.
  4. The bank is declining the transaction. Cards sometimes get denied when making purchases from our site. If you still would like to purchase the game, consider signing up with Paypal and adding the card there. The game is also available from itch.io and the humble store which may accept your card. Thank you for your interest in our game!
  5. Can you share a screenshot?
  6. Unable to reproduce. The items pop out of the crucible and cooking pot when I place tried to replicate this.
  7. Stroam

    Unlimited pie

    This issue has been marked as fixed on the issue tracker and should be seen in a future release. https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/1183
  8. Hello all! I'm looking for mod database (modDB) improvement suggestions and feedback. Mostly quality of life (QoL) improvements and any weirdness. I'm not looking for any suggestions about ratings and how mods should show up on the this page (https://mods.vintagestory.at/). Your participation is greatly appreciated and I can't wait to see what you all post!
  9. @Platinum Lynx@Darce@Amira All of you have been added to the wiki
  10. Hello all, There's just been such great content on Discord about this subject that I had to make a forum post to try and preserve that discussion. The question is how to make bodies of water interesting enough to add into the game? Some of that is how many minutes/size would be too long for crossing a body of water? What are some ways to make crossing a body of water more interesting that doesn't get old?
  11. Stroam

    Won't save on exit

    Can't reproduce
  12. I'm not seeing that. Can you check the texture in assets?
  13. Can't replicate. Can you show picture of the trader's place?
  14. I'm seeing something in the logs about can't find file path. Did you move the install location? I'd advise uninstalling. Then reinstalling. Or maybe it's a permissions thing
  15. This is why setting spawns points may only last X number of spawns.
  16. Many do not like temporal storms. This leads to it being turned off or people logging off servers when it happens. What changes would make players change their minds? *Edit* Keep in mind that the storms are global so anything that is storm related is going to happen across an entire server, not just at a local area.
  17. That might be possible, however currently just running around during a temporal storm makes so you're not in much danger. Having that happen while moving around on something ridable wouldn't be much of threat. Reducing the players stability rapidly would mean every time you got off you'd be fighting powerful drifters. It does make it dangerous but also so unfun as to be useless. A balance must be struck between useful and danger that would suit the average player. Unpredictability is a good way to make something more dangerous. If you lose temporal stability at a constant rate it is predictable and therefore not as dangerous. If instead you lose a ton of temporal stability at a random but long interval, then it becomes much more dangerous even if the average works out to be less than you'd have lost at a constant rate. With enough customization of the segments you could also reduce the negatives at the sacrifice of benefits that allow all players to customize how much risk they want to take.
  18. The developers have expressed an interest in making advanced technologies more risky to use and the same could apply to the clockwork centipede. For instance perhaps riding it amplifies the temporal instability in an area or makes it so your stability is unable to recover while riding it. And I think we all can agree things dropping from the ceiling is an awesome idea but I have yet to see too many places that could support something like that.
  19. I love the different view points. It is true in the lovecraftian lore, insanity and forbidden knowledge often go hand in hand. That showed up a lot in thaumcraft and it was one of the reasons I liked it so much. Vintage Story currently doesn't have a sanity mechanic and comments from Tyron in the past suggest such a mechanic would only ever show up in the most difficult of settings. Considering that I wouldn't consider this off theme for what is currently in the game. Also in such lore you often find people using objects of power. If you consider the centipede as an object of power and you are building mechanisms(segments) that focus the object to do as you wish then it fits in such style of lore very nicely. I would say such a thing is not overpowered but filling a need that many have expressed is currently lacking in the game. Resources are really spread out to encourage exploration and no resource lasts very long. That makes gather the resource quicker than building a road to the resource. Currently the answer to this has been to give players larger bags. Many have wanted minecarts and trains which actually have the same issue as roads. A clockwork centipede can essentially be a late game off road train allowing a player to explore and carry the goods they find with them back to their at that point very established base.
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