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  1. This has been suggested before, which means there's definitely interest in this feature being developed.
  2. This goes into something I've discussed with Tyron. Players love having stations and tools they can use to fill up rooms.
  3. Player made skins are not likely to be a thing as that requires some sort of a vetting process which would take too many resources to manage with a small dev team. Instead, later on in development there will be alternate character models/character customization features with a focus on art styles that fit within Vintage Story.
  4. Part of the reason the game is using JSON is to make configurations easier. After you make your configurations, the mod maker which comes with VS allows you to turn those changes into a mod.
  5. The Neolithic mod last I checked a year ago. If not, hop on discord and message Novocain.
  6. I like the idea of responding to the world more. It makes it feel more alive. I have doubts though about some of the mechanics you mention enhancing gameplay.
  7. Why do you want gears to be easier to obtain?
  8. It's added by mods currently and if you look at the bottom of your post, you will see two agree with you.
  9. I bet hares are getting into your crops. You need to protect your crops from rabbits. This can be solved with cooking. Two grains, and a berry makes some porridge that will last you about a day. Add in a mushroom or tripling the amount of ingredients can feed you for multiple days. This can happen if you are not utilizing the propick to find a good area to start searching for ore. Learning what rocktypes you'll find ore in also helps. You can add markers with `/waypoint add color waypointName`. If you want that to happen automatically when you die, there is a mod for that that. There are temporal gears you can rarely find in underground ruins, or rarely drop from drifters that you can use to set your spawn point. Knapping is designed to be a temporary solution before you get metal. More advanced clayforming techniques are being considered. The last bit does sound like a glitch. Try farming again but surround your farm with 2 deep pits. This will keep the hares from getting your crops and provided you with meat. Then master cooking and the propick. I think those things will drastically improve your game experience.
  10. I would like a more complex health system in Vintage story to give it more of a survival feel and add to the gameplay. This included all the common reasons people die out in nature. This is my latest revision on the topic which ties conditions to systems named after the elements. Each one does things a bit differently to add variety and interesting gameplay. Also since there's a lot of people who would like to tailor their experiences, possible JSON configuration mock ups have been provided. Air Starts full and decreases over time when head is in specified block. Then it takes a configurable amount of breaths(wait time) to fill the bar back up completely. When empty, player passes out and dies. Fire - temperature Balancing act to prevent heat stroke and hypothermia. Clothing and sources of heat will raise your temperature. Sweating decreases temperature and hydration. Heath stroke and hypothermia keep decreasing your max hp till it reaches zero at which point player dies. Water - thirst, bleeding, infection, poison/venom. Hydration level goes slowly down over time. Rate can be set but by default, with no sweating takes about three days to get to 0. When hydration gets to 0 the player dies. Bad effects like bleeding and poison accumulate until they are at the same level as the hydration level. At that point the players screen goes blurry, their hydration starts dropping at the rate of the illness, and they are unable to increase hydration. The player can wait for the illness to stop but if it doesn't stop in time it will kill the player. Bleeding can be stopped with bandages, illness with antibiotics, and poison with anti-poison. Earth - appendage condition When a player receives damage from an attack or fall, one or more of their appendages will receive damage. When an appendage gets damaged its condition will decrease and as it condition is decreased, the effectiveness of that appendage will go down. A bruised leg is damaged but will not see any negative effects. A sprained leg will result in a slight walking speed decrease. A broken leg will see a 50% walking speed decrease. Two broken legs and the player can not move. Something similar for arms. All JSON like files are used for demonstrating what could possibly configured in the game files if this were added to the game. The exact numbers would need testing and the structure of the files might even change based on code requirements.
  11. Do you prefer the aesthetics of shop keepers or VS punk vending machines?
  12. So you don't want the time player play to get in the way of trading but you want where the players are in the game world to be a factor. Any other conditions you want considered?
  13. Does it have to be a chest? There's two issues I have with the chest. The first one is the minor thing that it doesn't feel immersive. The second and more important issue is that a player has to travel to the chest. To fix these, instead of a chest, what if a beacon could be acquired in game. This could be bought from a trader, or a broken one can be found in ruins that can be repaired with a temporal gear. Be as creative as you want. When this beacon is placed, a special type of traveling trader called an Auctioneer, will spawn within an ingame week replacing the beacon. When interacting with an Auctioneer you can view all the trades by everyone. You can also post a trade and the Auctioneer will hold onto the items. When a buyer wants to complete a trade they give the requested items to an Auctioneer after a certain amount of time passes based off the distance between the two traders, each person will be able to receive their items from the Auctioneer. If that's not immersive enough, to keep the Auctioneer from despawning they will have a food reserve that can be filled up by giving them food. If their food reserve ever runs out they will despawn. In addition, they will charge a nominal fee on every trade posted and accepted to cover "Travel costs and guild fees". Even without the additional immersion, it solves, my original two issues.
  14. How would the climate rings be laid out? Starting with the center and moving out it'd be: Poisonous acid lake Hot desert Hot semi-arid Savanna Mediterranean Tropical Oceanic Humid continental climate Subartic Tundra Ice cap Dry Ice edge Some of these would have sharper transitions, regional variants, some might be missing or might not get added. It would be based on game play and game assets. If two regions don't look very different and play the same they might be combined or if there's enough conflict to justify more climates that would get split. Remember VS doesn't have climates in the since that MC does but has a range of attributes that determines what grows and spawns.
  15. I've looked into worldgen from time to time changing my opinions as I went. I've now changed m mind yet again. I've wanted world wrapping where if one goes off one side of the map they come back on another. I wanted this to limit spread of players, make world generation easier, and balance out travel distances such that someone at the center of the map didn't have and advantage over others. Then I looked at the technical hurdles and decided that both north to south wrapping and east to west wrapping was not worth the time spent on the technical hurdles that happened at the corners. So I decided just east to west wrapping was fine and that the north pole and south pole could just go on forever. Then I studied the rationals behind flat earthers and other fantasy maps with a world edge. I thought about the gains to the gameplay of playing on such maps. I made the following list for what I was looking for. A variety of climates so as to provide enough diversity for player enjoyment Some sort of game logic that determines placement of the climates that players can understand. A map where the center is not an advantage. Resources tend to be clumped and not near each other to encourage diversity and trade. Encourages a variety of travel methods After all my research and considerations I came upon the notion that we don't need world wrap to make the center not an advantage. As obvious as it may sound, it took me a long time to come to the conclusion that by making the center a place one would not want to make a base it solves the issue without world wrap. This idea brought me back to the eyeball planet. There's several issues with the eyeball planet but it does tick all the items in the list which is why I think it's a good candidate. Just need to solve some of it's issues first. First issue is which should the hot or cold end be the center. If you look at several fantasy maps with edges, many of them have the outside being very cold. This makes sense for a couple of reasons but really we only need the most basic. If you place something hot on the ground you instinctively know the closer you get the more you feel the warmth. Then comes the issue of on an eye ball world the sun is always in the same place in the sky. This creates two issues. The light level is always constant in an area, and it means no season. To fix one part of this, just like the earth has a tilt the eyeball planet needs to wobble. The wobble causes changes in temperature and therefore weather and seasons. For the day night cycle we'll have to get more creative. If you've ever been to a point on the earth where it feels like the earth wobbles like the far north, during the summer the sun goes up in the sky and then behind the horizon but it never gets dark. At midnight it's like morning or evening when the sun is out of sight but you can still see light coming over the horizon. Conversely, during the winter it barely peaks over the horizon before going back down into darkness. Lets look at this from a gameplay perspective. It means at the edge of the map it'll be perpetual darkness and at the center it'll always be day. In between the closer you are to the center the ratio of day to night will skew more in favor of the day and the further from the center the more it'll skew to the dark. This can actually play to the games advantage by allowing the player to choose how often they want to deal with the dark.
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