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  1. I've updated this suggestion with a more clear distinction between a story highlighting the benefit and the actual proposal. I've also added naming to the suggestion because its such a natural fit.
  2. No. That mechanic is still pending, hence why they are not available outside of creative mode.
  3. Open the creative mode menu and search for hen. Not available outside of creative mode yet.
  4. Just want to point out that dynamic trees will not work for an entire forest without a performance hit. Also there's a reason you can't regrow the large trees. Their suppose to be rare and are a nod to the devastating effects of unsustainable logging. You can't always regrow what you cut down. However, trees having more stages would be nice if time consuming to add.
  5. Hi! I've got a radical idea. What if your multiplayer expectations are wrong? Hear me out. I am not saying what you and many others see as problems are not valid and that the solutions being presented have no merit. Just that you're trying to start a fire underwater and that you are not the only one trying to do that. We all understand that everything in VS is tied to one clock. This works great in single player as the clock only advances when the player is there and no matter how long the absences are, the player can pick up right where they left off. We all know that in multiplayer the clock keeps ticking while there are players on it and yet instead of acknowledging that and working with it, many players play in such a way that mechanic works against them. They try to have a single player experience in a multiplayer server. They want their stuff separate from everyone else's stuff, and for their stuff to remain as they left it until they come back. Is that a reasonable expectation? Well reason actually has very little to do with it. Vintage Story isn't real life. The fact of the matter is that's how many players want Vintage Story multiplayer to be like. So my suggestion is instead of trying to make existing mechanics more complex, adding a new multiplayer server option called parallel worlds. Basically how this works is everyone spawns parallel worlds. This would be like using the same seed in Minecraft. Each parallel world would be owned by the person who created it. The person who created it can add other owners. Time progresses in the world as long as there's at least one owner in it. These worlds can also be set to visit-able by an owner. If at least one owner is in the world, others can visit that world. However if the last owner logs off, all current visitors will be thrusted out of that world into a world they own. Problems this fixes Griefing - You're world can only be visited according to each players settings. (private, select individuals, or public) Time passing issues - Things will be left exactly as the last owner online left them. Real-estate - Players building where you want to or ruining your scenery. Resource depletion - Don't have to worry about starting area becoming devoid of resources. Progression of things like monsters spawning and temporal storm frequency. Mistaking peoples places for ruins. This also still allows players to help each other out and show off what they have built.
  6. https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands/role https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands/player Do any of the links answer your question?
  7. I've noticed a lot of suggestions. Which is great! However, I'm concerned about the quality. So here's three simple guidelines to help improve the quality of your suggestions in no particular order. Everyone's time is valuable. Learn a bit how code works. Consider the player. Down below I go into more into depth. Remember these are guidelines to improve the quality of your suggestions and are not hard rules to be followed. Everyone's time is valuable Make your suggestions worth reading. Every time someone makes a suggestion not worth reading, it makes everyone less likely to read your suggestion. Use the forum search to see if it's been suggested before. Start out very concise and to the point. It's like a sales pitch. You want to capture the readers attention early so they will keep reading into the details. Don't post wishlist's that comprise of many suggestions all in one thread if they're unrelated or they take focus away from the main idea you are trying to present. Make it easy to read. This can be done through mostly proper spelling and grammar. Learn a bit how code works There are no bad suggestions, however, try not to be the one suggesting to build a bridge over water with marshmallows. Watch people code not to learn what they are doing, but why they are doing it. For instance, if you want something to happen in a game, there needs to a trigger. Can be time based, an item used, etc. Anything graphical takes a lot of work and tweaking, like walking smoothly up stairs instead of ramps. Try the wiki tutorial on modding. The game is suppose to be easy to change so that everyone can make tweaks like adding recipes and different looking blocks. Consider the players Consider the 1000th time. Some things like placing a block still feels feels good the 1000th time, while other things get old quickly. Complexity and realism doesn't add fun. Realism can inspire complexity, and complexity can add variability but it's easy to put in too much.
  8. Stroam

    Loaded mods

    Managing mods is still in its infancy. They're just not that many mods yet to justify putting in the time for proper mod development. It's improving over time. If you have a mod that adds mods, or modifies the behavior of any creatures, it may be overriding the game settings. Mods may also interfere with other mods depending on load order. Feel to reach out to the mod creators if this is what you suspect is happening.
  9. It's been awhile since I've had a well thought out suggestion to post here, but here we go. Who likes the idea of following the clues and tracking something down? In Vintage Story when you are out and about you'll often come across the wildlife. Those are great. The goats are scenic, the chickens and foxes are fun, and the wolves... provide a form of excitement. However the entire experience is reactionary. No planning goes into it. Elusive mobs would be a new game mechanic. One that adds purposeful tracking down of elusive creatures. The basic mechanics is when a player wanders a sign will get generated. Could be a track, scratches on a tree, or even some poo. If the player inspects the clue it begins a hunt. A hunt will generate another clue nearby with a time limit. If inspected within the time limit, it will generate another clue. The player will keep following the clues until an elusive creature spawns. If the mechanic stopped there, that alone sounds pretty fun. Like this post if you agree. It can go deeper. So I will now cover the variability that can be added to this mechanic to keep it even more fun and engaging. Different creatures can have different sets of tracks to follow. So tracks from one creature might be obvious while tracks from another might be more difficult to find. The spawn conditions for the initial clue can vary. Some clues only spawn in snow. Bait may be needed to get the initial clue to spawn. Depending on how elusive the creature might be it may only spawn at midnight, during fall, where a pumpkin was placed 13 days ago. If hunting a very intelligent elusive creature, it may try to distract you with a false trail or the trail of another creature and you'll have decide which path of clues to follow. Each time you successfully track down a creature, the clues for that creature may be easier to find. There could be one or more pointers to the next clue or the footprint could be more distinct, etc. This means a more experienced hunter for whom the clues are more obvious, could point out the clues to a less experienced hunter, leading to a successful hunt which would make the clues easier for the less experienced hunter to find the next time around. A progression system could be devised where certain initial creature clues will only spawn and can only be seen by experienced hunters. As you can there is plenty of room for adding more depth into the mechanic. Thank you for reading and again, please don't forget to like this post.
  10. It's highly unlikely unless the demand grows high enough. Pushing updates for three operating systems already comes with a lot of work.
  11. @copygirl would know
  12. You mean Akellagray. Just so you are aware, case matters. Approved
  13. Stroam

    Sleep Q?

    If all players in a server sleep then it skips time. What I do is do my gathering/exploring during the day and all my crafting and construction things at night.
  14. I live the one that looks like stone henge.
  15. There are few but some client only mods such as theme packs. There are some but few that are client optional. Basically if they aren't installed on the client the person doesn't have the ability to use the mod. Most must be on both. The long term plan is to have some sort of mod repo. Then when a user selects a server it'll automatically download the required mods. For now it just tells you what mods you are missing to join that server.
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