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  1. The difficulty is that land generation in VS is based on noise, rather than geology models. This means the terrain produced is more unpredictable and doesn't have the patterns you find in nature that lead to natural and predictable terrain which would allow for easy river mapping.
  2. To all future people who check this thread. Please go ask on the discord in the #wiki channel and request access.
  3. These are quite detailed. Wish more suggestions were like this.
  4. In leu of a demo we just have that old version and a fantastic refund policy.
  5. Read it. It isn't a new suggestion. Kinda of have this already for some things. For instance learn how the code for fences works.
  6. While we are always striving for performance improvements, if it ever supports 200 players, it'll be a happy coincidence of improvements over time and not something pushed for.
  7. You said this is in windows 11? I'll have to see if that's something that interest Tyron. Right now we are rather swamped with bug fixes so it may be awhile before we can get someone from the team to help but please create a support ticket so we don't forget about this.
  8. Waiting for similar reports to come in before looking into the issue.
  9. I didn't answer that as succinctly as I should have. Steam technology is really cool. Just like copper is a gate to more advanced tools, steam will only get added as a gate to the most advance endgame content and as a replacement for windmills. When I hear people advocate for steam technology it is usually for automation purposes and automation isn't a focus for Vintage Story as much as it is a solution used by Vintage Story for grindy tasks for which a mechanical means of processing makes sense.
  10. Stroam


    Lets just say this has been a subject brought up in the past and so is unlikely to change much.
  11. Stroam


    Beautiful! Ruins are lore specific things so are restricted to what fits within that context.
  12. Kiln It is something that gets brought up and kicked around from time to time. Probably, eventually Modular Armour System Ha! I wish. Firepit Rebalance A cooking refactor would be cool but not likely any time soon as that was the focus not too long ago. Rift Blocking Device When it comes to lore related stuff, it is added slowly and cautiously. You'll probably see this as a mod at some point. Temporal Storms are currently useless This is fair and something that is thought about a lot. Drifter Accuracy It is a new feature. Will probably be rebalanced at some point. Tool Handles Tinkers construct was one of my favorite mods for minecraft. I don't think this will be a thing as there's an effort to implement calculation vs player gain rough calculation done and something like this wouldn't pass unless part of a larger overhaul. Hoe Usage You aren't wrong but similar to the previous answer, it's low impact and we have to be very intentional with our expensive developer time. You can look at the titles among the VS team to see how precious that resource really is.
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