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  1. Your understanding is correct. Double check on the starting client menu that the mod shows up under the mod list.
  2. I've seen a lot of combat suggestions and other suggestions revolving around making PvP combat better. I understand a lot of people enjoy killing things in video games, if that wasn't the case it wouldn't be the largest part of the video game market. I also understand a lot of people enjoy PvP because it takes killing to the next level. However, when I think of the most toxic communities out there they often revolve around highly competitive PvP style games. On the contrary, whenever I think about the most supportive communities it is around games that focus on things such building and collect
  3. Are you sure they are full? First if the fall to the ground get rid of one of your bags to free up a slot to pick it up and put it back. Second, wait until it says harvestable in the tooltip. The entrance will also be darker in color.
  4. World height is set at world generation and can not be changed. There is currently no way to save your default world generation settings.
  5. World creation does not even distribute biomes and certain rocktypes are more likely to be in the 2nd or 3rd rock layers than the surface. What that means is some spawns certain unnecessary resources require more exploration. I think you might have more fun exploring not knowing what you'll find, rather than searching for one specific thing in mind.
  6. It's not ideal but there are applications/scripts out there that allow you to map buttons to other buttons when in a specified application. I actually use a script for that very purpose because VS isn't the only game that is missing this option.
  7. If you place a ladder where you keep falling, the second ladder will catch you.
  8. Are you trying through the VintageStory website? Have you tried purchasing it on something like humble bundle? https://www.humblebundle.com/store/vintage-story?hmb_source=search_bar
  9. They don't have to be square. I've done one that looks like a twisted Z and it still worked with the firepit in the middle.
  10. Stroam

    Dive suits

    You understand that currently you can't drown?
  11. Since Visa is accepted I can't imagine Visa gift cards wouldn't be accepted.
  12. How Mod conflict is difficult to predict without looking into the source code of the two mods. My best advice is to try it out and report any issues you find to the two mod developers and see if one or both are willing to resolve the conflict in a way that is agreeable to you.
  13. Stroam


    A password required server can do the same thing.
  14. Right now there is no hydration/thirst mechanic. Games can easily become bloated with things you can do to the game but don't necessarily add to the game. The difficulty with thirst is how to make it not another hunger bar with different consumables. Making alcohol is a popular suggestion and will most likely be added to the game at some point once the previously mentioned hurdled is solved.
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