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  1. There's always more to do than can be done. These polls come out when Tyron is being pulled in more directions than he can possibly pull off in a reasonable amount of time and so wants community feed back on what the most immediate concerns are.
  2. I like the idea of making mining more dangerous and more interesting. However, in this case, I feel you would need to break from reality to make it not CPU intensive and simple enough for people to pick up fairly quickly without looking it up. So use the concept as inspiration to come with a more simplified problem and ask yourself, is the 100th time annoying?
  3. The chisel is becoming too complex of a tool and actually needs to be split into multiple tools in my opinion.
  4. Lore is trickled into the game. It's a design decision. But modders can add their own expansions and twists. If a feature gets popular enough, it could find it's way into the base game.
  5. Stroam

    Death point

    There is a mod for this but I agree, it would be a quality of life improvement for the average user in the base game.
  6. I feel the issue is generic storage. When you have a warehouse of chests that look the same, it is difficult to find what you are looking for. Also, the larger the internal storage, the worse the problem gets.
  7. That's why they are added in mods.
  8. Honestly, expansion in this area is waiting for a talented modder to pave the way.
  9. Finding balance with this sort of mechanic is tricky.
  10. I usually configure it so one log produces 32 firewood.
  11. Ja. Zufällig erzeugte Gegenstände, die in zufällig erzeugten Strukturen unter der Erde platziert werden.
  12. Lesen Sie die Tagebucheinträge, die Sie in den Ruinen finden, und Sie werden herausfinden, warum viele Ruinen / Haltezellen so gestaltet sind, wie sie sind.
  13. I've updated this suggestion with a more clear distinction between a story highlighting the benefit and the actual proposal. I've also added naming to the suggestion because its such a natural fit.
  14. No. That mechanic is still pending, hence why they are not available outside of creative mode.
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