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  1. eh, there are a few different steam competitors in which VS would be the only MC clone on which might be better such as the discord store or epic games store.
  2. Stroam


    You really shouldn't see a performance hit from the clouds but I agree about the night sky being too cloudy too often.
  3. Stroam

    Make VS less like minecraft

    I want to extend this to consistent controls for almost all blocks and items. Left click is to violently touch something be it punch, swing, etc. Right click is the use/interact button. For turning the quern, opening a chest, etc. Shift+Left click is to softly touch something. Used for softly moving things. So picking up and placing down. Shift+Right click is to Secondary use/interact. Or something like that. Currently, have no use. I see your point. Those are fairly iconically Minecraft but as long as they look different and serve different purposes I don't see an issue. For instance if the furnace only provided warmth to a surrounding area. (No current warmth mechanics yet) Agreed. Seeds would be cool to use in cooking and maybe a very small chance to produce a sapling when planted. Having saplings appear around adult trees and eventually grow up into adult trees would be neat. Being able to pick them up by right-clicking with a shovel with a sack in the inventory would also be neat so you can transplant them. I've already suggested this and am told it would take a fundamental change in the engine to implement. I specifically for using the axe and sword wanted swing time to add more depth to the combat and make all the actions feel more deliberate.
  4. Stroam

    Stone Anvils

    My opinion is all molds should break after adding a sand mold that allows you to press items into it to quickly form a mold of the item.
  5. I don't know about a dream world but a build planning mode that allows you to place down block outlines would be neat. That way you could plan your build and people helping could follow the plan. Sounds like a mod thing though.
  6. Stroam

    1.7.8 Totem Mod v1.0.5 - Challenge Mod

    This is a great first step.
  7. Stroam

    Vintage Story on CurseForge?

    My first reaction is no, because it's 3rd party. My first thought is, this could be good for VS in that it distributes the development load. CurseForge has people with experience building mod loaders so that could be used as a good example of one way of doing it. My current stance is, this is probably a good thing but I'm not going to research it enough to argue one way or another.
  8. Stroam

    Throwing rocks: Not for noobs

    This takes almost all of the player skill out of it. How about a more common example where you can see the animal but there are tree branches in the way that you can't see because you are looking at the animal and where you are throwing? Or in a cave and the ceiling. Or maybe a fence is in the way so you want to lob it over. The current situation is flexible to handle all of this with a bit of practice. I'm not suggesting players don't use them. I'm suggesting those players whom aren't good at using them should probably find a different tactic or practice. Not everyone is having the difficulty you are.
  9. Stroam

    Throwing rocks: Not for noobs

    The issue with that is it doesn't make sense that you'd look one way and throw another. There's also the issue of if you can't directly see what you are trying to hit, how does the game know you aren't trying to hit the wall instead of the animal behind it? Also throwing rocks doesn't do a lot of damage. Sure it can injure but that's not the same. I don't think the solution to your issue is a different rock throwing mechanic. I think it's a different weapon choice. If you like the idea of throwing rocks and want it with less arc I suggest modding in a sling. They are difficult to aim but do some real damage.
  10. Stroam

    light overlays/ torch relighting

    I could see potential abuses with preventing mobs from spawning in claimed areas but generally, I see that working out. Could also use the player placed bit on blocks to have mobs not spawn on all play placed blocks.
  11. Stroam

    Maps, ore, and player input

    Too many stats? I'm talking about just the first 30 seconds of that trailer. Using a map and sighting equipment to fill in the map. If I were designing the map. The first map would be blank and you'd be allowed to make waypoints and mark them with different symbols. By using different tools you'd be able to do things like triangulate your location on the map, fill the map in with more detail, add layers and overlays, etc. No GPS features. If the feature can't be done using pen and paper then it isn't added.
  12. Stroam

    Block physics?

    It's a planned feature for survival mode but survival mode isn't being worked on currently. Right now trying to fill out the base game and then an easier mode, then eventually survival.
  13. Stroam

    Day/Night cycle AND walking speed.

    There are commands /set time speed NUMBER that allows you to lengthen how long a full day lasts.
  14. Stroam

    light overlays/ torch relighting

    There's a currently unused feature that allows you to specify what blocks mobs can't spawn on. I think I may make a mod that adds that feature to all non-terrain blocks. That way you can have wooden or cobblestone floors without light and mobs won't spawn on it.
  15. Stroam

    Maps, ore, and player input

    So here's a game that has something that's like what is being suggested. I think it's good inspiration even if the game in question isn't highly received.

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