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  1. Please post your wiki username to be granted wiki edit rights.
  2. It keeps the current tech progression. The only need for solid Rock is the quern and I wouldn't delay the quern further than it is. I don't have an answer for stake durability.
  3. They used to split boulders by pounding a bunch of holes in a line, sticking dry sticks in them, and then pouring water so the sticks swelled and split the rock along the line. For game balancing though might go with the similar process of using metal stakes and a hammer.
  4. I agree that perhaps a specific set of tools should be used for this. The tribute to TFC is nice but one thing TFC suffered from was none of the mechanics having anything in common so it was impossible to guess how one might do something and one would have to resort to looking everything up.
  5. This would be an excellent small project for someone who is interested in modding the game.
  6. How is this not a thing yet? It must have been an oversight and not added to the configs yet. You should add it as an issue on this github. https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues
  7. The chopping block has been requested quite a bit of late. That would be a great project for a first time modder to take up and if done well could be incorporated into the base game. There's definitely been interest in different ways to improve fertility. This should be a topic onto its own. Trapping and animal breeding is something that definitely interests @tony Liberatto who is the brainchild behind the neolithic mod. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion!
  8. These are some great ideas! Some of them are already actively being explored by the developer but it's nice to hear people having the same ideas as it shows greater player interest and helps those ideas get to the top of the list.
  9. This is an excellent suggestion! Currently, wolves do become full after eating something and will not attack anything again for a while but it would be nice to have to worry about being killed so shortly after spawning. This can be quite an issue on MP servers. This also applies to respawn at the world spawn. Nothing is worse than dying before you've established a base, only to die again. A solution for this might be when a player spawns at the world spawn, it despawns all hostile mobs within a certain radius.
  10. We really should create an asset library filled with models and textures that modders can freely use and see what's out there.
  11. Talk to @tony Liberatto He has the most experience with the features regarding the chisel even going to so far as making chisel recipes similar to clay recipes.
  12. Some of the features you are suggesting can already be done such as rotating and exporting the shape. We are apparently missing information about that feature on the wiki so I'll see what we can do to add that so you know all that is possible with the chisel and chisel related commands.
  13. Torchholders are a good lighting option that doesn't require candles.
  14. Depends on how you want NPC's turned off. If you want it as an in-game option, won't do that, but I can create a mod that should be easy for you to modify. I think even you could if you read my patching tutorial. https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=JSON_Patching
  15. It's on my todo list. To be fair it's not near the top and I seem to only get to the top few items every year so it'll a few years for me to get around to it. Not sure how streams and farseek do it but my plan involves TFC2 land generation.
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