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  1. You could find an underground ruin and the cave can stretch for a very long distance but I don't.
  2. There's a brown get support button on the top right. Please select that to get help with account stuff.
  3. http://vintagestory.drakker.org/?x=0&y=0&zoom=8 Talk to Capsup
  4. Stroam

    Item ID's

    The first thing that comes to mind is everything has a name so if you look in the language file it is like a list of everything.
  5. All information gathered is a legal requirement. Trust me. Tyron wishes he could strip down how much information was required.
  6. It's possible. Would require a new type of chiseled block.
  7. Download the VS model creator and load the character model from the game. Create that animation and then create a mod that maps replaces the ingame model with your model and maps that animation to a key.
  8. There is using world edit commands. That's how I made this picture. https://wiki.vintagestory.at/images/thumb/2/22/OreDistribution.png/900px-OreDistribution.png
  9. https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Controller_Compatibility
  10. Those events are triggered by entities so it would take building a game mod that replaces that functionality to change it to what you desire.
  11. Stroam


    Marble is just rare and usually can't be found on the surface.
  12. Time plays an ever increasing role in Vintage Story from crop growth, item processing, and food storage. Depending on server settings you could log out on a small server, come back and nothing has changed. Then you have to wait for those time sensitive tasks to get done. Also on a small server you could also log out and find several months have passed since you were gone and now all your food is rot, crops have gone wild, etc. Without consistency it becomes impossible to plan ahead for a time sensitive task. There's already a server setting to keep the time ticking when no one is on the server
  13. In a block building game it's usually focus on building a place. This is contrary to a nomadic playstyle.
  14. This poll is from two years ago. Since regional pricing isn't currently available, keeping the price low may help ease that.
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