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Story, Video, Model Creator Updates


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Renowned Vintarians

Since I've been all over the place with no clear milestone reached there won't be a release this week. Not to say we were inactive though:

  • The Story Excerpt page is finally done. Took us over a month to decide which art style we want to go for. This should give you a small peek of what is to come some day.
  • I wrote up another page that summarizes an age old question: What makes Vintagestory different from Minecraft?
  • Model Creator: The tool we use to design the games block received some convenience updates, code refactoring and is now underway of becoming also an animation editor that should allow everyone to add animated creatures to the game. It's the first important step in allowing us to implement animals/mobs.
  • Game 
    • I ended up spending one day fixing up the cinematic camera. It should now finally work bug-free and will have 2 new features.
    • Fixed the ingame recorder to actually record lag free videos. 
    • Might have finally found the cause of very bad overall performance for certain Radeon graphics cards
    • Added some more useful information to the debug screen
  • Video: With above fixes in place I was able to do some pretty recording again, check below

Next week should there will probably be a 1.2.8 ready for download. Until then, sayonara!


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