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Cooking and recipies


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I love that we now have cooking and and all in the game but I have a suggestion.

 Id like to see a system  where anything added to the cooking pot not just set recipes would result in meals. Example If I wanted to add rice to my meat stew with onions and black current berries I could.

If I wanted to prepare a chicken with battered spelt flour parsnips with cranberry garnish I could:)

To this end I see only a couple of issues first there needs to be a texture selected for the resulting dish my proposal would be to render or select that texture from only the first two ingredients added to a pot.

Second there would have to be a rewrite of how  the recipes currently work. I think there really shouldn't be recipes but simply the sat value of the current foods in the dish. and the label for the dish would be tied to the first slot. 

water is a soup

protein is a stew

grain is a porridge

honey is a jam

fruit would be a chutney which when prepared could be used as another ingredient in a advanced meal.

I would like to see two more secondary slots added to the pot for herbs and seasonings. 

Adding Herbs and seasonings  or chutneys would add health bonuses and or temporary increases or buffs to health mining speed run speed etc.

In addition I also think that the cutting board needs to be added to provide a sandwich station and should work in much the same way. There is very little reason to produce bread at this point it spoils to fast to keep for long and by its self doesn't provide enough oomph for sat values. Its only value is that it stacks for journeys and exploration trips. All food items placed in the first two slots set the texture and Type with seasoning slots for herbs and additional flavorings, salt pepper oil vinegar.


So my proposal would really mean that the dishes would render based on the first two slots used and the type of dish would be called from the primary or first slot

Sat values would be the totals of all ingredients and the benefits and or buffs added from the seasonings and herbs slots. Salt or sugar could provide a sat value multiplier for example.

So in my first example Meat , Rice, onions, Black currents.

Meat is the first ingredient so this is a stew. Rice is the second ingredient so meat and rice or a grain are used to show the texture of the meal. and finally if I were to add salt to a seasoning slot it would double the sat value of the resulting meal.

Instead of set recipes we would now have a system that could render and calculate proper sat values for anything we put in the pot or between two slices of bread or soup!

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I do really love this suggestion. I thought a lot about the cooking mechanic, because in general I love the Idea of really thinking about what to cook and "providing" for my friends in game.

I, personally, am not sure about the Sandwiches, and the cutting board, because in a way it does seem a bit more "modern" to me, but I agree that the bread is not really that "worth it" at the moment. Maybe there could be other uses for the bread or, depending on what you do it could not go bad but go hard and you could use that as an ingredient or as feed for animals, like you would often on a farm? Maybe just don't make sandwiches, but just a whole filled bread by combining it with the ingredients, but noextra crafting station? 

I do love the Idea about the rendering and what actually determines the type of food. I would love to see little things though, maybe some green, if you added herbs, or an egg rendered if you added that, or sthg like that, just because I think it would look really awesome if the foods displayed more differently than just depending on the first two slots entirely.

All in all I really love this post and the idea ^^

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