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Language-independent Handbook Search


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I would suggest to make the handbook-search language independent.

Following completely fictional Scenario that definitely didn't just happen:

  • You check out the Wiki and learn about a Club that you can create.
  • You go ingame and try to find it in your german handbook
  • The word "Club" has like 4-5 different meanings in german, which means you try all of them and find nothing in the end because there is one meaning you forget about.
  • So you scroll and scroll and scroll to maybe find it by the picture.
  • In the end you just give up and restart the game in english to properly search for it.

That would be fixable when you can simply search for "Club" and find it without hassle.

It can be shown in the localized language but to make it findable by atleast the english word would be an improvement in my eyes.

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