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No food near spawn on dedicated servers fix (v1.12.5-rc.1/rc.2)


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Dear quickly growing Community
v1.12.5-rc.1/rc.2, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

It seems that all previous versions of the game have an issue where when you set up a dedicated server, any new world will generate with the patchy climate configuration. This ends up making some players spawn in a hot and wet climate where there is little food available.

If are a server owner and you'd like to fix that here's some solutions that come to mind:

  • Stay on v1.12.4: Fly around in creative mode (/gamemode creative then F3 to fly, F2 to speed up), find a better spot, then set up 2 teleporters between there and spawn and link them up. You can find the teleporter in the creative inventory (Hint: Teleporter, not translocator). That would let new players find more food and keep the current world.
  • Stay on v1.12.4: You can correct the mistake in the serverconfig.json and then create a new world, see below for instructions
  • Install v1.12.5-rc.1 or wait until stable, then create a new world

Single player worlds are not affected by this issue. Beyond that this release contains multiple bugfixes and a few small tweaks.

Screenshot by Wayward

Game updates

  • Feature: Can now take torches out of a torch holder by right clicking
  • Tweak: Copper/Tin spawn balancing
    • Standard mode: 20% more surface copper deposits
    • Exploration mode: Doubled surface copper and surface tin deposits
    • Wilderness survival: Doubled surface copper deposits
  • Tweak: Fleeing sows and boars are now 33% faster
  • Tweak: New sprint animation for drifters and they are now also seek and flee a bit faster
  • Tweak: Added sub-command "/land claim allowuseeveryone [on|off]" to grant use access to everyone. not tested yet. *hides* 😄
  • Tweak: Attempts to fix dead animals floating up to the top block. Might break other stuff
  • Tweak: The falling block sound is now considered an ambient sound and is thus affected by the ambient sound slider
  • Tweak: Added debug logging to find various rare crash and freeze bugs
  • Tweak: A newly installed game now starts in full screen by default
  • Tweak: Updated credits page and german translations
  • Tweak: /stop now has an optional arg for the programs exit code
  • Tweak: Added experimental "spawnRadius" feature to randomize player spawn points, not optimized or well tested yet.
  • Tweak: Small performance improvement in the animation system (Technical info: Don't update the walking speed on every single frame)
  • Fixed: Game not shipping with oalinst.exe, causing some system to not play any sounds
  • Fixed: Firestarter not mentioned in the firepits interaction help
  • Fixed: The carcass block that spawns after harvesting an animal was offseted
  • Fixed: Unable to get nuggets from crystallized ore
  • Fixed: Game crashing when smithing all the way to the blocks boundaries
  • Fixed: Farmland not getting watered by rainfall if a crop is growing on it
  • Fixed: Minor UI alignment issues in the fire pit and dialog title bar
  • Fixed: A revived player is still on fire
  • Fixed: Game crashing when typing a decimal point in the world edit ui on some systems
  • Fixed: Might fix loose stones spawning in water during worldgen
  • Fixed: Hotfix for a bug that causes dedicated servers to generate worlds with patchy climates instead of the default realistic climate bands.
  • Fixed: Block interaction help overlapping issue on certain gui scales
  • Fixed: Should fix locusts up side down when walking on walls
  • Fixed: Able to put dress pieces on armor stands
  • Fixed: Minor graphical glitch with metal fences
  • API Feature: Added ICoreServerAPI.InjectConsole(). Useful for piping server commands through a mod.


Patchy climate fix:

To make dedicated servers in version 1.12.4 generate realistic climate bands, you would need to shut down the server, open serverconfig.json replace

"WorldConfiguration": null,


    "WorldConfiguration": {
      "worldClimate": "realistic",
      "gameMode": "survival",
      "temporalStability": true,
      "temporalStorms": "sometimes",
      "graceTimer": "0"

and then generate a new world. The bug should be hotfixed in version 1.12.5.

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