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Decorative blocks?

Jeremy Betts

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I'm sure decoration in VS is not your top priority, but it is a shame to have such a beautiful world to build and survive in, and not be able to decorate it. The chiselling is wonderful, outside of how textures work. 

I'm sure there would be more decorative blocks people could think of, but the ones I'm here to suggest are metal blocks and obsidian. For example, I've restored a cathedral, but I really want to carve out a bell for the bell tower. If I could make solid blocks of brass and chisel out a bell shape, that would be perfect. Obsidian would make some lovely black blocks. Cobble wouldn't work on a realism point, since obsidian is all sharp edges, but you could conceivably make slabs/bricks/stairs out of them, be a nice polished black look.

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