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  1. The ability to recover wasted metals from smelting would be a great addition to the new smithing system. Currently you hammer everything out to the perfect shape, then just delete all the excess voxels. That's not particularly realistic IMO. You should be able to separate the unused voxels off to the side, as long as they are not touching the item you are actually making. You are then given the item you made and a chunk of voxels, (ideally a voxel corresponds to an amount of units of the metal). You can then throw the chunk of metal voxels back into a crucible to recover them. This would not only be more realistic than the waste vanishing, but also allows you to be far more efficient with your metals. Especially in case you make a mistake and have to add a whole ingot jut for 1-2 additional voxels, you can then get back the rest of the bar.
  2. I'm sure decoration in VS is not your top priority, but it is a shame to have such a beautiful world to build and survive in, and not be able to decorate it. The chiselling is wonderful, outside of how textures work. I'm sure there would be more decorative blocks people could think of, but the ones I'm here to suggest are metal blocks and obsidian. For example, I've restored a cathedral, but I really want to carve out a bell for the bell tower. If I could make solid blocks of brass and chisel out a bell shape, that would be perfect. Obsidian would make some lovely black blocks. Cobble wouldn't work on a realism point, since obsidian is all sharp edges, but you could conceivably make slabs/bricks/stairs out of them, be a nice polished black look.
  3. We have a few people playing on a server in our community, and having to send each person the mod/changed textures is a bit inconvenient, especially since not everyone is good at making changes to game files. It seems like a good way to deal with the issue would be to have a check for changed textures and mods in the server files, and if there is, it asks the connecting client if they would like to receive the changes from the server, which then pushes them the files if they accept, or just disconnects them if it doesn't. Perhaps with a warning to only accept such things from trusted parties.
  4. Snow/ice from lakes can be collected and compressed into ice slabs, which you can line a cellar with to keep it cooler and preserve things longer. Needs to be replaced every week or so, perhaps. Perhaps also an icebox/"freezer" which if filled with snow can preserve food for much longer. Carryable like a backpack, for long trips.
  5. Ah yes I see they are indeed quite different. I mean, in reality it wouldn't be too difficult to use a pottery oven for bread, but for game purposes I don't mind it not being allowed.
  6. I had complaints about the smelting speeds of various things, especially clay bricks, but I see you have changed that significantly in 1.12. Thanks for that! But I had a thought for people who still don't like it. New tool: hand bellows, potentially a mechanically automatable device. Using the bellows on something heating up drastically increases the speed with which it does so, by blowing air on it. They had them in all forges for that very reason, can't think of a reason they shouldn't be in the game. Automated by having one attached to a fire/forge/bloomery/(Pottery Oven) as well as the mechanical system. Pottery Oven Is basically what it sounds like. A structure not unlike the bloomery. You put in fuel and assorted clay things, ideally a decent quantity at once. You then seal the door, and it bakes all the items at once. After all, anything exposed to the heat should be baking. You then have to break the door (but not the whole oven) to retrieve the item. The door needs to be remade each time, but it's only 3-4 fire bricks. Can theoretically also be used to cook many pieces of bread simultaneously as well.
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