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Video Recorder Tools and World Edit Updates (v1.3.0)


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Filmic Vintarians
Version 1.3.0 is now ready for download at https://account.vintagestory.at.

This updates comes fairly late and does not contain many new features. My body seemed slightly fed up from the intense amount of desk work so I was forced to take a longer break. Furthermore I did some major refactorings in preparation for adding creatures into the game, without any progress that I could show off.

I did add a long planned method of compression videos captured by the ingame recorder which is now done. It is pretty slow though, so I probably have to do some major optimizations there. Audio is also still not captured yet.
And finally, on Request by UmbraCreations I improved the world edit tools to offer better copy&mirror operations for creating large builds. I've made.

Please note that I had to make a backwards compabtility breaking change this version. If you load an old savegame you will get thrown back to the spawn point with full health and hunger, but everything else should work fine.



  • Feature: World Edit Updates (all documented on the How to use page)
    • Ability to grow/shrink the selection,
    • Added ability to mirror or repeat a selection.
    • Coordinate Hud now shows the horizontal orientation
  • Feature: Video recorder tools. Added .vrec tool to do ingame video recording, also offering video compression. 
    • .vrec start - Starts recording
    • .vrec stop - Stops recording
    • .vrec toggle - Starts/Stops recording (usefull for mapping onto a keyboad key using the Macro Manager)
    • vrec fps [number] - sets the video framerate of the recording
    • .vrec tickfps [number]  - sets the game framerate (should ideally cause lagfree recording if set but I'm having minor troubles with it syncing up perfectly with the video frames. Setting it to the same as the video framerate will probably help with lag though). 
    • .vrec codec - lists all available encoders that compresses your video (install x264vfw for an mpeg4 encoder). Most encoders seem very laggy unfortunately, I probably have to optimize some more here.
    • .resolution width height - Sets the game window size to given width height
  • Mod API Updates
    • Entity and ItemStack class now part of the API, allowing a bunch of things that weren't possible before
    • Extended the Render API so that the rendering of entity items, entity players and other entities can now be rendered using the render api alone
  • Tweak: Reduced sound range of all sounds
  • Fixed: Hay block not blocking light
  • Fixed: Some Stairs blocks causing neighbouring block sides to be come transparent
  • Fixed: Rare client crash when exploring the world

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