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Dear very quickly growing community

I've been flooded with support requests and emails. So far it's only been me that is handling those and I'm starting to seriously struggle to keep up with them. This means you might need to wait for a while until I can respond to them.

Please hold on while I will try to scale up the operations! Thank you ❤️

Hint: For those who did not receive their game key, please make sure that you've checked your Spam folder, it may have ended up there.
Hint2: If you still have troubles getting the game key and really don't want to wait: You can buy another key from itch.io and humble store, which is more reliable and then request a refund for the one purchased on vintagestory.at

[Edit:] I should have responded to all support tickets and emails by now, and the VS Team is now able to help as well! 

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