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No food near spawn on dedicated servers fix #2 (v1.12.5-rc.3)


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v1.12.5-rc.3, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

One more step towards version 1.12.5, which fixes a lot of usability issues. \o/

Screenshot by EccentricEngie

Game updates

  • Tweak: Can now place meteorite blocks in the mining bag
  • Fixed: Text sizing issues with non default gui scale and sign blocks and labeled chests
  • Fixed: Game crashing when customizing a world
  • Fixed: Minor ui issues
  • Fixed: More debug logging to narrow down some crashes
  • Fixed: Translocator not showing how many temp. gears it needed for repair in block interaction help
  • Fixed: Vine cause block placement lag and weird issues with spoilage rates in containers
  • Fixed: Smelting info not shown for moldable tools in the handbook
  • Fixed: Black square when breaking an opened container
  • Fixed: Boar attack sounds not playing
  • Fixed: Added missing clay forming description texts in the recipe selector dialog
  • Fixed: Crash when entering too-large number into waypoint color input. Better handling of wrong color values.
  • API Tweak: "Created by metal molding" in the handbook now configurable by the createdByText attribute

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